Free Electricity in Texas

How to get FREE ELECTRICITY in Texas

In this article:

  • Learn what “Free Electricity” really means
  • Understand how to find the “actual” electric rate

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Can you really get free electricity in Texas? YES, you can.

By now you’ve noticed that most Texas electric companies are offering free power to get your business.  Free weekends, free nights, free Sundays… these are all good offers.  But is the electricity really free?  The answer: Yes and No. Depending on the electric plan you choose, “Free Electricity” can mean cash back, bill credits or a discounted electric bill. Some utility companies offer a lower electric rate and that “free day” is taken off the monthly bill. Some offer a higher rate and the “free electric” means reducing that rate. Right now, Direct Energy has a great deal for us all- FREE POWER WEEKENDSWith this plan, enjoy free power from Friday 6 PM to Sunday at 11:59 PM for an entire year. That’s real energy savings!

Our Best Selling Free Electricity Promotion:


  • Free electricity from Friday 6:00 pm to Sunday 11:59 pm
  • The most free weekend hours of any Texas electric provider!
  • Your rate stays the same for 12 months
  • Manage usage with the Direct Your Energy tool
  • Easy online account services
  • Earn Plenti points and other perks
  • Call Now to Enroll 1 (844) 852-8706
  • Or Sign Up Online 

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Prepaid Electricity with Free Electricity: Is it true?  Yes.

More and More Texas prepaid light companies are offering free electricity. But how does it work? Right now Pronto Power is now offering $100 in free electricity just for being a loyal customer. The $100 free offer means $10 per month paid out over 10. Pronto also offers forgiveness for those with bad credit. If you keep your lights on the entire 3 months and don’t get disconnected, Pronto will let you transition into monthly billing without passing a credit check or paying a deposit. Call Monday through Saturday to switch to Pronto Power Energy. 1-844-294-6260

pronto power month to month billing

Quick Electricity offers a great selection of prepaid energy plans from to top electric companies in Texas: Pronto Power, Payless Power, Acacia Energy, Now Power, Vital Power, First Choice Power, Direct Energy and Frontier.

Does Free Electricity mean a cheaper electric rate?

Free Electricity promotions in Texas can be confusing. Always check the electric company’s EFL or Electricity Facts Label to find hidden fees. Make sure you’re aware of not only your energy rate, but also the TDU delivery charge. This is a charge that most people don’t notice until the monthly bill comes.  Here’s a quick example of how to read the EFL and make sure that you’re getting the best electric rate and not just a gimmick.

Jane lives in Dallas, Texas. She wants a 12 month electricity plan and is interested in getting free power. She chooses the Direct Energy Power of 100 plan, but first checks the EFL. She finds this in the “small print”.

The electricity rate for this plan in Dallas is 8.1¢/ 2,000 kWh

The EFL for this plan shows:

Energy Charge: 8.8¢ per kWh – Monday 12:00 am thru Friday until 5:59 pm & 0.0¢ per kWh – Designated Free Period

*Oncor Electric Delivery Delivery Charges: $5.25 per month 3.067¢ per kWh

The TDU or “Oncor Electric Delivery Charges” is what people miss, making the monthly bill seem higher than expected. ALWAYS check the delivery charge and add it to the advertised rate.

8.8 + 3.067= 11.867

The ACTUAL electric rate for the “Power of 100” plan in Dallas is 11.867¢ per kWh, not 8.1 as advertised. Misleading?  Maybe, BUT don’t forget, you’re getting 100 days free!  This equates to weekends free which actually makes this a pretty good deal for some.

Jane from Dallas chooses this Direct Energy deal, and is smart for checking the EFL. Be vigilant and if the free energy offer seems to good to be true, just read the fine print.

Need help selecting a Free Electricity plan in Texas, reading your electricity bill or the fine print? We can help.

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Solar Energy: The Ultimate in Free Electricity

By now, you’ve noticed solar panels popping up all over Texas. Are solar panels a good financial investment?  We say yes. SolarCity, the largest solar company in America, offers great leasing programs that are pretty hard to pass up. Right now you can lock in a low, competitive rate with the option to buy your panels at market value after 5 years.

Why Choose solar panels from Solar City?

  • Control your utility cost
  • Predictable energy rate for years to come
  • Unbeatable warranty
  • Advanced Technology
  • Go solar and get a $249 Nest Learning Thermostat™ at no cost if your home qualifies.*
  • Earn referral cash

solarcity dallas fort worth texas

What to expect after contacting a SolarCity team member:

  1. You’ll get a free, no obligation solar consultation complete with a customized quote that shows what you’ll save over the next 20 years.
  2. If you choose to move forward, you’ll sign your agreement locking in your predictable energy rate.
  3. A SolarCity representative will survey your roof and an engineer will create your home’s solar design.
  4. SolarCity panels will be installed soon after and normally within one day.

Want more information about SolarCity solar panels?

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Summer 2017 Free Electricity from Top Energy Companies

Power Bonus Plan by Acacia Energy 

  • Limited time 3 cent/kWH intro rate
  • $240 in Free Energy yearly!
  • Never a deposit or credit check
  • Switch without fees
  • Lights on today
  • Reliable Energy
  • Manage your account with the Acacia app
  • To order by phone, call 1-844-456-0601

Power to Go Free Weekends

free electricity plan

  • 48 hours of FREE electricity each Saturday.
  • You’ll pay for the electricity you use on your terms
  • Option to switch to a special fixed-rate electricity plan after 60 days
  • Account management alerts
  • To order by phone, call 1-844-862-9687
  • Or enroll online 

No Deposit, Same Day Electricity in Donna Texas

For Prepaid Electricity in Texas and $100 FREE call 1-844-294-6260

Free Electricity with the Lowest Rates in Texas

Looking for the cheapest electric rates in Texas?  Light companies in our state want your business. Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Abilene and Texas/Mexico border towns have many great options when it comes to electricity service and rates have never been lower. Shop and compare Texas electric rates by calling 1-844-294-6260 or view rates online!

How does Prepaid Electricity work?
100 US dollar wrapped by ribbon isolated on white background

Right now you can get free electricity with a prepaid electric plan. It’s easy! Sign up now and activate your service for only $25!  Month to month, Quick Connect will reward you with money back just for being a loyal customer. Thanks to smart meter technology, prepaid electricity is simple and fast. Some customers have their lights on within a couple of hours. Why pay a traditional electric company hundreds of dollars for a deposit when you can pay-as-you-go?

free electricity 1-844-294-6260

  • NO ID or Social Security number is needed to start!
  • NO Credit Check ever!
  • ZERO DEPOSIT!  Enough said!
  • SAME DAY CONNECTION! This is a FREE service to you!
  • NO CONTRACT ever! Quit anytime!

What our Texas FREE ELECTRICITY customers are saying:

“Quick Connect had my power on in just a few hours. Thank you.” Sue, Spring

“I am really happy with this light company.  I only pay for the electricity I use.” Marcus, Houston

“I love the balance updates you send daily!  I know when to recharge my account and there’s never a problem.”  Tara, Conroe

“As a student at the University of Houston, I struggle to pay my bills as it is. Quick Connect offers the lowest electricity rates without a deposit.”  Van, Student at UofH Downtown

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electricity for apartments in dallas texas

11 Great Actionable Tips to Lower Apartment Energy Costs

save money with roommates and apartmentsA penny saved is a penny earned, and small steps that you take to improve the energy efficiency of your apartment can contribute significantly to your savings. If you’re living in a city where utility costs are high; for example, Dallas, then such savings can add up to an impressive amount. Moreover, you’re doing your bit for a greener earth. Every little bit counts.

Here are eleven easily done things that you can do to bring down the cost of electricity in your apartment.

  1. Shut off lights you’re not using – This is basic due diligence, which when exercised, contributes handsomely to energy costs savings. If you don’t have this habit, then try consciously to incorporate it into your lifestyle. On similar lines, unplug appliances you are not using.
  2. Use the refrigerator intelligently – Don’t use the fridge for storing stuff that will remain unspoiled outside. It will bring down the cooling requirements and help control costs. Asparagus, arugula, basil, shelled beans, beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, garlic, leeks, and many other perishable items can easily be kept outside.
  3. Use a low-flow showerhead. Or better still, bathe the old-fashioned way with a bucket and a mug. You’ll save many gallons of water and also save on the cost of heating water.
  4. Use insulation for the windows. You could invest in double-paned windows. Over time, you’ll recover their costs with the savings you accrue on the heating bills. Or, you could use foam weather stripping for doors and windows. They are cheap and with admirable insulation properties.
  5. During winter, use exhaust fans only when you really need them. The exhaust pulls the warm air and directs it outside the apartment.
  6. At night, use warm bedding and cozy comforters. You can reduce the thermostat setting by as many as 15 degrees in the night. This single step can save you up 10% of your annual heating costs. Similarly, wearing sweaters and placing a rug on the floor will assist you staying warm and reduce the load on the installed electric heaters.
  7. Seek out the air leaks and plug them. Places to look for include chimneys, recessed lighting in ceiling, and utility cut-throughs in the wall.
  8. Keep the fireplace damper closed when you’re not using the fireplace. Keeping it open allows the warm air to escape from the chimney.
  9. A one-time investment in LED bulbs, which can last for up to two decades, will yield impressive savings in energy. A 40-watt LED bulb consumes only 6 watts of power, which is more than 80% less than what a regular bulb sucks.
  10. Check out with your utility company if it is offering any rebates. Check if you can avail any energy audits at discounted prices. At any rate, you should be able to find very useful energy saving tips on such a portal. Does the power company charge more for peak hour usage? Regulate your use during these times and save.
  11. There are sundry small things that you can do. Shade your window-mounted AC to keep it cool. Arrange furniture such that vents are not blocked. Use area rugs in winter and remove them in summer. Fabric curtains do a better job at regulating internal temperatures as compared to shades and blinds. Use “task lights” instead of lighting up the whole room for work.

electricity for apartments in dallas texas Take control of the “electrifying” utility costs before they shock you. When an unexpectedly warm summer or a startlingly cold winter arrives, you’ll thank your forethought for having a system in place for keeping the electricity costs under check.