Last Updated on May 17, 2022 by Mary Pressler

Learn More About Frontier Utilities - Texas Electricity ProviderWe’ve Found the Lowest Electricity Rates in Texas

Texans who live in cities with deregulated electricity are scrambling to find the cheapest rate as providers are going out of business and kWh rates are climbing as a result of natural gas prices

At Quick Electricity, it is our mission to help Texas residents find the most affordable rate plan with the best terms

Frontier Utilities Super Value 12

According to Our Energy Experts: For the lowest electric rate in Texas, at this time we recommend the Frontier Super Value 12 Month Plan from Frontier Utilities. This fixed rate electricity plan includes the cheapest rate available at 12.8 cents per kilowatt in the Dallas/ Fort Worth service area. A fixed rate means price security for one year. Texas energy rates vary depending on your local TDU

As a bonus, a usage credit of $100 will be included on each bill if your usage stays above 1000 kWh and below 2000 kWh. 

Always review the Electricity Facts Label before choosing a plan.