Electricity Plan Finder Texas

The Quick Electricity Plan Finder

Let’s face it. There’s nothing easy about choosing an electricity provider in Texas. At Quick Electricity, we help Texans select the best home energy plan based on usage habits, type of housing, budgets and more. 

Since 2013, it’s been our mission to offer our a variety of home electricity plans the most affordable rates and best customer perks. Whether you prefer a simple plan without a contract, or a long term deal with bonuses, we have an option for your house, apartment or trailer.

Electricity Plans in Texas

Find a Texas electricity plan now, free of charge. 

We’ve simplified the Texas retail electricity market with our new tool, the Quick Electricity Plan Finder. Take our 1 minute quiz and we’ll use your answers to find the best electricity plan for your home.  Then, we’ll direct you to the registration page for online enrollment. Take it or leave it, there’s no strings attached.

Dare we say, it’s easy.

Take Our Quiz:

Are you a homeowner or renter?
We have energy plans for houses, apartments, trailers, etc...
Are you okay with a credit check today?
Most electricity companies verify your credit, but there are some that don't.
Do you want a long term plan or short term option?
We offer many electricity plan term lengths including a month to month option.
Do you want to earn rewards from your provider?
Many retail electric providers have reward programs.
Do you own solar panels?
We have electricity plans for homes with solar systems.
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