Energy in Illinois Energy Deregulation in Illinois

In 1995, Larry Habb, the president and chief executive officer of Illinois Power Co. proposed the idea in a meeting that Illinois should have energy deregulation in order to give consumers choice and at the same time save money and energy.

Two years after that electricity policy meeting, energy deregulation was implemented in the state. But it was not without a fair share of problems. When the Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law was first implemented, residential and small business customers were not allowed to purchase their electricity from alternative retail electronic suppliers (ARES), and were forced to get their supply from the utilities directly.

The Illinois Commerce Commission then took action. In order to help protect the residents and small businesses in the state, they reduced the price of electricity in Illinois by up to 20 percent. The rate was frozen for ten years in what was to be known as the “Mandatory Transition Period”.

In 2002, residents were finally granted the opportunity to choose an electric company to provide them their energy needs. But because of the rate cap for residents, a lot of ARES were reluctant to serve residents.

Today, there are over 52 ARES, or power companies registered in Illinois.

Quick Facts about Energy in Illinois

  • Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord member. The state of Illinois is part of a regional agreement with six other American governors and a Canadian premier, whose aim is to reduce greenhouse gas.
  • Top Nuclear Generator. Illinois is home to six nuclear power plants with 11 reactors total. This has earned the state the title of nation’s top nuclear generator. They are also responsible for one-tenth of the country’s nuclear power.
  • No special gasoline. Unlike other deregulated states, Illinois does not require residents to use a special mix of gasoline. However, Chicago and the St. Louis metropolitan require their residents to use a special gas mixed with ethanol.
  • Does not impose fuel economy standards for vehicles. States like California regulate new vehicles to ensure that they are not puffing out toxic gas into the air. Illinois does not implement this law.

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