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Energy Deregulation in New HampshireEnergy Deregulation in New Hampshire

Change does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time to make itself felt by everyone around, but more importantly it needs people to work on it tirelessly to ensure that it is fully implemented.

Energy deregulation in the state of New Hampshire was this kind of change. Everyone wanted it to happen, but it took years before it was fully implemented. It started in 1996 when the legislation ordered that the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to develop an electric choice program that can be put into effect by 1998.

It took a year for the PUC to complete a plan, and by 1998 Granite State Electric was first to restructure and offer electric choice to consumers in the state. By 2003, retail choice to residents was fully introduced but over 70% of consumers still preferred to get their power supply direct from utilities.

Today, several retail suppliers all over the state still get their supply of power from the state’s top utility providers. Because of the offers made by the retailers, more customers both residential and business now opt for their services. Each part of the state is served by a different utility provider and consumers have a choice in which supplier gives them their electricity needs.

Quick Facts about Energy in New Hampshire

  • Renewable Sources. New Hampshire requires utilities to produce part of their electricity from renewable sources.
  • No cap for greenhouse gas emissions. The state of New Hampshire does not cap greenhouse gas emissions on their residents. However, the state does cap greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
  • Member of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). New Hampshire is part of an initiative that aims to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. Members of the initiative are looking to reduce these emissions by at least 10 percent before the year 2018 by using a cap and trade scheme.
  • Natural gas from Maine and Canada. Because New Hampshire has no fossil fuel resources, the state gets most of its natural gas from pipelines that go all the way to Maine and Canada.
  • Hydroelectric power source. New Hampshire uses hydroelectric power as a source of renewable energy, and they get this resource from the Connecticut and Merrimack River basins. This generates up to 8 percent of electricity in the state.
  • Does not allow Decoupling. The state does not allow utilities to decouple their revenue. Decoupling allows utilities to increase their revenue while selling less energy to consumers.

Energy Providers in New Hampshire

Eversource Energy New Hampshire

Eversource Energy

Eversource Energy New Hampshire provides the power to residents and businesses from Berlin to Nashua County. Eversource provides electricity to other states and are best known for their quality service.

Address: 780 N Commercial St, Manchester, NH 03101
Contact: (800) 662-7764

NHEC New Hampshire Energy

New Hampshire Electric Co-op

NHEC or otherwise known as the New Hampshire Electric Co-op is in charge of delivering power to 9 out of 10 counties in the state. They currently cover up to 115 towns and cities in New Hampshire.

Address: 579 Tenney Mountain Highway Plymouth, NH 03264
Contact: (800) 698-2007

Liberty Utilities New Hampshire

Liberty Utilities

Liberty Utilities. Residents of New Hampshire who resides in the southern and western part of the state get their electricity and gas services from Liberty Utilities.

Address: 407 Miracle Mile Lebanon, NH 03766
Contact: 1-800-375-7413

Unitil New Hampshire Energy Provider


Unitil is known to provide gas and electricity to residents of New Hampshire residing in the south central and southeastern part of the state.

Address: 5 McGuire St, Concord, NH 03301
Contact: (603) 224-2311

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