Compare New Jersey Energy Rates

The price of electricity in New Jersey is slightly above the national average at 15.99¢per kilowatt hour. With energy rates this high, it’s important to shop around before choosing a provider. At Quick Electricity, you can compare New Jersey electric rates, plans and providers all on one page. 

There are several types of electricity rates in New Jersey. A fixed rate gives you price stability for longer term lengths, whereas a variable rate can change with the seasons, making it the cheapest option at times. Start your search using your zip code.

Energy Deregulation in New JerseyEnergy Deregulation in New Jersey

In the late 1990s, the state of New Jersey decided to implement energy deregulation so that they could give their residents an opportunity to choose a supplier of electricity or gas that is within their budget.

But changes don’t happen overnight. It takes time for people to adjust to energy deregulation. For the first few years after the implementation of the law, a lot of residents still chose to get their service directly from utilities.

Even today, only about 20 percent of the population in New Jersey gets their power from retailers. That is because the retailers all get their supply from the state’s utility provider. What the utility companies do is help maintain the power lines and deliver the power to residents and businesses in the state at a price that will be much more affordable and designed for your lifestyle.

Officials in New Jersey are still trying to find ways to encourage their residents to switch to retail suppliers of power.

Quick Facts about Energy in New Jersey

  • Oldest Nuclear Power Plant. The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station which started operating in 1969 is currently the oldest nuclear power plant in the US and is located in the state of New Jersey.
  • Imports Natural Gas. New Jersey lacks fossil fuels, and so they ship their natural gas from Pennsylvania through pipelines and they get their coal supply from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
  • Reformulated gasoline. The state of New Jersey requires residents to use a special kind of gasoline that is mixed with ethanol to help lessen greenhouse gasses.
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) member. As part of the RGGI, New Jersey together with the other members, NJ is capping greenhouse gas emissions as best they can.
  • Automobile fuel economy standard. Just like California, New Jersey has implemented a standard on fuel efficiency for new vehicles. This is to ensure that vehicles will not contribute significantly to gas emissions.

Energy Providers in New Jersey

New Jersey Energy Supplier PSEG


PSEG or otherwise known as the Public Service Electric and Gas Company was established in 1903 in New Jersey. They are responsible for providing gas and electricity to the six largest cities in the state.

Address: 651 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055
Contact:  (800) 436-7734

Jersey Central Power and Light- New Jersey Energy

Jersey Central Power and Light

Jersey Central Power and Light if you are a resident of the northwestern and eastern part of New Jersey, then chances are you get your power from JCP&L. as they are the main provider of electricity in those areas.

Address: 300 Main St, Allenhurst, NJ 07711
Contact: 1-800-662-3115

Atlantic City Electric - New Jersey Energy Provider

Atlantic City Electric

Atlantic City Electric was established in 1924 and services the southern part of New Jersey. Today they are serving almost 600,000 customers and they continue to grow.

Address: 349 Hurffville Crosskeys, Turnersville, NJ 08012
Contact: (800) 642-3780

New Jersey Energy - Rockland Electric

Rockland Electric

Rockland Electric currently serves almost 62,000 residents of northern New Jersey. Before the deregulation in the state was in effect, the company was a full service electricity company. Today, they mostly do transmission and distribution of power in the northern part of New Jersey.

Address: 1 Lethbridge Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430
Contact: (877) 434-4100

New Jersey Energy - South Jersey Gas

South Jersey Gas

South Jersey Gas is responsible for the distribution of gas to residents and businesses located in the southern part of New Jersey.

Address: 142 S Main St, Glassboro, NJ 08028
Contact: (856) 881-7000

New Jersey Energy and Natural Gas Company

New Jersey Natural Gas

New Jersey Natural Gas is a trusted distributor of natural gas to residents and businesses in the mid-coast area of New Jersey area.

Address: 1415 Wyckoff Rd, Wall Township, NJ 07719
Contact: (800) 221-0051

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