Quick Electricity in Arlington Texas Electricity Choice in Arlington, Texas

In 1999, Texas began deregulating electricity markets throughout its cities. This resulted in more competitive electric rates in Arlington which also means a larger, sometimes overwhelming, amount of energy providers and plans for consumers to sift through when looking for an electricity plan.

At Quick Electricity, we’ve selected the best electricity plans for our Arlington area customers, and we’ve broken down the different kinds of offers so you don’t have to find, compare, and interpret plans on your own.

Arlington Electricity Plans – Compare The Best in Texas

Shopping for electricity in Arlington? Quick Electricity offers a variety of short and long term residential electric plans for you to compare.

Home owner? Renting and apartment? Lock in our lowest prices for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time or try our pay-as-you-go electricity service. No matter your housing needs, we have an energy deal for you.

Here’s our top picks for Arlington Customers

Month to Month Electricity with No Deposit

If you move around a lot or don’t like the idea of a contract, try month to month electricity with zero deposit.  With no credit check or contract required, It’s the perfect alternative for apartment renters and UTA students.

Payless Power "Smartricity Easy Choice" Plan
  • No credit check or deposit required - Bad credit okay
  • Pay as you go with no early termination fee
  • Get bonus electric credits the more power you use!
  • To order by phone: 1 (877) 509-8946
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Direct Energy "Bright Choice" Plan
  • Go Month to Month with no contract
  • Great alternative to long term energy plans
  • Simple and quick light service in Texas
  • To order by phone: 1 (844) 852-8706
Sign Up - Credit Check Required
First Choice Power "Monthly Freedom" Plan
  • No commitment - Come and go without penalty
  • Easy account management online
  • Same day month to month light service
  • To order by phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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Arlington Fixed Rate Electricity Plans 

Houston homeowners can lock in today’s lowest energy rate before prices go up. Choose a 6, 12, 24 or 36 month term plan with the best energy companies in Arlington.

Texas Breeze 12 by Rhythm Energy
  • 12 months fixed rate electricity
  • 100% Wind energy produced in Texas!
  • New Rhythm Customers Call: 1 (877) 649-0511
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Premier 12 by Payless Power
  • Exclusive low rate for the entire year
  • Pay as you go with no credit check!
  • New Payless Power customers call: 1 (877) 509-8946
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Smart Budget 12 by Frontier Utilities
  • 12 months of low cost home energy
  • Receive $40 in bill credits each month
  • New Frontier Utilities customers call: 1-844-398-9549
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Live Brighter 12 by Direct Energy
  • Secure a cheap rate for one year
  • Top rated energy provider in Texas
  • New Direct Energy customers call: 1 (844) 852-8706
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You Got This 12 by First Choice Power
  • Basic, residential electricity with no frills
  • Reliable, low cost energy in Texas
  • New First Choice Power customers call: 1 (844) 862-9687
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Want to see more? View all fixed rate electricity plans in Arlington, Texas.

Free Nights and Weekends Electricity Deals

The most popular free electricity deals in Texas include complimentary Google Home Hubs, Nest learning thermostats, and $0 kWh rates at night. 

Direct Energy "12 Hour Power"
  • Twelve hours of free energy every night.
  • Lock in the same cheap rate for one year.
  • Order by phone: 1 (844) 852-8706
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First Choice Power "Free Weekends 24"
  • 2 years of free electricity on the weekends!
  • Get a lower energy rate when you choose a long term plan.
  • Order by phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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Direct Energy "2 Months Free Electricity"
  • Free energy January 2021 and 2022
  • Two year low, fixed electric rate
  • Order by phone: 1 (844) 852-8706
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First Choice Power "After Hours 12"
  • One year fixed rate energy with FREE kWh nights!
  • Free electricity every night from 9p.m. to 6:59a.m
  • Order by phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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Green Electricity Plans for Arlington, Texas

Going green? Select a home energy plan with 100% renewables. After all, Texas produces the most wind power of any other state in the US.

Rhythm Energy "Texas Breeze 12, 24, or 36 Months"
  • Go green with 100% Texas renewables
  • Lock in your electric rate for up to 3 years
  • New Customers Call: 1 (877) 649-0511
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Frontier Utilities "Fantastic Green"
  • Choose renewable energy in Texas
  • Support renewable energy initiatives in Texas
  • Call to sign up 1-844-398-9549
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Direct Energy "Green Texas 12"
  • Choose a low fixed electric rate for one year
  • This energy product is 100% green!
  • Order by phone: 1 (844) 852-8706
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First Choice Power "You Got This Green 12"
  • A competitive fixed rate for one year
  • Support a green lifestyle at home!
  • Call to sign up 1 (844) 862-9687
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Active Military and Veteran Energy Discounts: Arlington

If you are a member of the United States military, you are eligible for energy rate discounts in Texas. To find out more about military electricity pricing, call one of our participating suppliers:

Direct Energy Arlington Customer Service 1-844-852-8706

Prepaid Electricity in Arlington- No Deposit

Have you been asked to pay a deposit to get your electricity set up in Arlington? Many of us struggle financially and can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the lights on.

With Quick Electricity, if you have $75 and an Arlington address, you can have power today, sometimes within the hour.

Prepaid Electricity Plans in Arlington with No Contracts

Choose a prepaid energy plan with perks such as free weekends and 20% off your electric rate, just for paying on time.

Texas’ best prepaid electric companies include Payless Power, Acacia Energy, First Choice Power, Direct Energy and Frontier Utilities.

Current pricing table is not published!

Low Income Electricity Assistance in Arlington

If you live in Texas and need help paying for your electricity, call Payless Power. At Payless, everyone is accepted regardless of income or employment status.  Better yet, they offer a Deferred Payment Plan for those in a bind.

Business Electricity in Arlington, Texas

Do you own a small business or full scale corporation in or near Arlington? Are you looking to establish yourself with a new energy provider or to switch?

Whatever your status, location, and particular energy needs, Quick Electricity helps you find the lowest commercial electricity rates in Texas.

Prepaid Business Electricity in Arlington- Coming Soon

As the Texas energy market grows, so do our commercial electricity options. Soon, Arlington business owners will have the money saving option to pay ahead for electricity.

Now that’s the power to choose.

For all commercial electricity inquiries in Texas, please our contact form: [formidable id=3]

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