ProStar Commercial Energy Solutions

ProStar Energy provides a wide range of energy services and solutions for small businesses to industrial sized clients. These include professional energy audits, building retrofits, commercial solar power, LED lighting retrofits, financial assessments, project risk management, energy procurement, and IoT-based energy management.

Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, ProStar Energy Solutions was listed among the 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers by CIO Review in 2019. They have a track record of more than 25 years working with energy solutions across many industry sectors throughout the US and Canada.

ProStar focuses on providing expert advice and designing custom energy solutions that meet the needs of each client, regardless of equipment brands. They can reduce the energy costs and environmental footprint of your building, while helping you qualify for local incentive programs.

Professional Energy Consulting in the US

Commercial Energy Services in the US and Canada

List of Pro Star commercial energy services with descriptions 

Prostar Energy offers an umbrella of energy efficiency solutions from conception to installation to ongoing management  Use our menu of services to skip ahead:

Agriculture Energy Solutions

The agribusiness sector has a high demand for energy. However, this also means there are many opportunities to save with technologies like LED lighting, IoT automation and solar panels.

Learn more about our energy efficiency strategies for farms and agriculture.

Delivery Infrastructure Design

Energy efficient buildings and low-cost generation are key for businesses, but having a reliable transmission and distribution grid is equally important.

Learn more about our take on corporate electricity infrastructures.

Demand Side Response

Commercial electricity tariffs include hefty charges for companies with high peaks in consumption, since they burden the grid. Demand response can help you avoid these costs.

Learn more about our Demand Side Response services.

Financial Risk Management

Smart financial decisions are just as important as technical knowledge when planning energy upgrades for buildings, and when choosing gas or electricity providers.

Learn more about how we can with financing your project.

HVAC Consulting

Space heating and air conditioning are the top energy expenses in most commercial buildings. ProStar Energy Solutions can optimize your HVAC performance and operating costs. 

Learn more about our commercial HVAC services.

Building IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can improve the performance of building systems, improving aspects like lighting and indoor air quality, while lowering their energy costs.

Learn more about IoT and our device management services.

LED Lighting

LED lamps and fixtures offer superior energy efficiency and durability. They can reduce your lighting costs by 30-90%, while lasting for more than a decade.

Learn more about how to start saving money with LED.

Electricity Procurement

Being able to choose your electricity provider is an advantage, but too many options can lead to confusion and higher bills. ProStar can help your company find an optimal electricity plan.

Learn more about how electricity procurement works.


Project Engineering

ProStar can manage all aspects of your energy efficiency project with an in-house team of experts: technical requirements, financial feasibility, and environmental sustainability.

Learn more about our project engineering services.

Project Management

ProStar can deliver your project on time and within budget, while meeting all technical requirements while managing risks. They can also help you find low-interest financing.

Learn more about why you should choose ProStar for your new project.

Energy Rebate Management

State governments and utility companies often have rebates for energy efficiency measures and renewable generation. ProStar can help you meet all requirements and claim these incentives.

Learn more about state and federal energy rebates and tax savings.

Renewable Energy

ProStar can identify the optimal renewable sources for your building, taking charge of all project stages: feasibility studies, engineering, financing, permitting, construction and operation.

Learn more about the benefits of renewables and how ProStar can lead the way.

Solar Energy Management

Solar panels generate clean electricity for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance, and they can save thousands of dollars per year in a commercial building.

Depending on your building’s location, a commercial solar array may also qualify for local tax credits, tax exemptions, energy rebates, renewable energy certificates (REC), and other incentives that improve your ROI.

Learn more about our large scale solar projects.

Utility Bill Auditing

Commercial power bills often have billing errors and optional charges, and they can cost you thousands of dollars each year. ProStar can help you identify and eliminate these charges.

Learn more about our Energy Auditing Services.

ProStar Energy Solutions

About ProStar Energy 

ProStar Energy Solutions is a leading energy services company headquartered in Frisco, TX. The company was founded by Texan Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. During the construction of the AT&T Stadium, he realized there is a major opportunity to reduce energy bills in commercial buildings, and the result was ProStar Energy Solutions.

These days, ProStar focuses on designing and implementing innovative energy solutions, and their clients typically achieve savings of around 30%. ProStar focuses on improving energy consuming systems with minimal client investment, taking advantage of local incentive programs and financing opportunities. ProStar also finds opportunities to use energy as a source of revenue for their clients, including solar buyback and demand response programs.

ProStar Energy Solutions has ample experience with many types of commercial and industrial buildings. Their successful track record covers industries like agriculture, data centers, higher education, healthcare and retail. Having a team of subject matter experts in-house, ProStar can offer a wide range of energy services.

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