Energy Professionals and Rebate Management

Energy Rebate Management

There are utility companies and local governments who offer rebates for building owners who install energy efficiency measures or renewable generation systems. However, you must first qualify for these rebates by demonstrating the benefits of your building upgrade. For example, an LED rebate program might require a professional design, installation by a licensed contractor, and using lighting products approved by ENERGY STAR or the DesignLights Consortium (DLC).

Rebate programs have their own terms and conditions, which must be considered when designing a building retrofit. Qualifying for one energy rebate does not guarantee getting other benefits managed by different organizations. However, qualifying for multiple rebates whenever possible is worth the effort: there are cases where rebates can cover 100% of building retrofit costs.

Our partner, ProStar Energy Solutions, can help you qualify for all rebate programs available in your location. These incentives reduce the net cost of your project, increasing your return on investment while shortening your payback period. Generally, their customers qualify for rebates that cover 30-40% of project costs. ProStar can also help you qualify for other types of energy incentives, such as Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) or zero-interest/low-interest green loans. In cases where two energy incentive programs are mutually exclusive, ProStar can help you choose the option that offers the highest financial benefit.

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