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Feeling overwhelmed when comparing electric companies in Texas? We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to statewide electricity deregulation, over 85% of Texans have a choice when it comes to their energy provider. In fact, Texas’ competitive energy market is made up of 400+ deregulated towns and cities, including the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and the greater Houston area, with over 125 Retail Energy Providers (REPs) for residents to choose from. Whether you’re a new Texas resident or setting up utilities for the first time in a new home, apartment, or business, it’s important to compare Texas electricity companies and make sure you find and choose the right energy plan for your needs.

To help you do it, we’ve partnered with top-rated electric companies in Texas to offer fast, affordable, and reliable energy for your home or business. At Quick Electricity, you’ll find the best electricity offers with the lowest prices from power companies you can trust, plus all the information you need when choosing a Texas electricity provider.

Comparing Electric Companies In Texas

Payless Power is a top rated light company in Texas. Register here.

Payless Power- Top Electric Providers in Fort Worth, TX

Save more by paying ahead for your electricity with Payless Power

Payless Power is a family-owned Fort Worth electricity company that lets you choose between prepaid plans without a deposit or traditional plans with a wide credit acceptance rate. Low-income families, roommates, landlords, renters, and college students can make smaller, more frequent payments with Payless while avoiding the stress of a monthly light bill, and approval is instant without the need to provide any credit or income history. Some Texans choose Payless as an alternative to a long-term contract, and many enjoy the flexibility that comes with paying ahead for their energy plan. 

As a Payless Power customer, you’ll be able to easily track your energy usage to know where you can make energy saving adjustments, then only buy the power you need. You can even choose to receive a daily text or email, so you never have to worry about manually tracking your account balance, energy use, or costs. Enjoy ongoing service with zero hidden fees or surprise charges, and take advantage of new customer perks like same-day priority connection at no additional charge.

“Very easy. Extremely convenient. Very helpful. Disconnected? No problem…… Several options to help restore and payment arrangements or plans. Love this power company.”

Tausha B. in Dallas

Get Payless Power Same Day 

Make a quick switch to Payless PowerNo Credit or Deposit!

Order Online Anytime

By Phone 877-509-8946

Get to Know First Choice Power, a Texas Light Company

First Choice Power Company 

First Choice Power is one of the most popular light companies in Texas. And it’s no wonder why!

As a trusted, low-cost energy provider, First Choice Power has the plan you’re looking for, with no-deposit electricity and the option to choose between month-to-month electricity or a fixed electricity rate.

Learn more about saving energy in Texas through The Light Lab blog. Customers can manage their accounts hassle-free online and reach out to First Choice Power by calling, live chat, or reaching out to a First Choice Power representative on Facebook or Twitter. 

“  It was very easy to switch over online! ”

— Stacie Strebeck

Choose Direct Energy - A Free Nights Electricity Company in Texas

Direct Energy 

Comparing electricity plans in Texas doesn’t have to be confusing. Direct Energy gets straight to the point and offers a few added perks that set it apart from other Texas electricity providers.

Direct Energy is one of Texas’ best-rated energy providers and offers fixed and variable rate plans so you get more control over your monthly costs. Popular promotions include Free Nights and Bright Choice month-to-month energy plans.

You can gain a wealth of knowledge from the Direct Energy website. Jump in their Learning Center to read up on commonly used electricity terms, get more insight into your bill, and pick up smart tips to help you save on energy.

As an added perk, you can use Direct Energy’s customer referral program to get rewarded for your loyalty! Each time you refer a friend to Direct Energy residential electricity, you’ll both get a $50 bill credit when they sign up.

“ Direct Energy had the best price for my needs and they provided all they promised. ”

— Rosiern

Reliant Energy - Texas Light Company

Reliant Energy – Green Texas Electricity Plans

Reliant is more than just a residential electricity company. They also power commercial buildings and offer professional security services and HVAC maintenance, all while maintaining a company-wide commitment to conserving energy and powering EVs and other renewables.

New Reliant customers enjoy perks such as complimentary Nest thermostats. All customers can join Reliant Energy’s Flextra Credits Plan, a 100% solar energy plan that offers automatic free electricity days and lets you support clean energy initiatives without installing panels on your home – a great choice for Texas renters or anyone who isn’t quite sure they want to go all-in on a solar investment.

Go Green At Home With Reliant Texas Electricity 

For the eco-friendly Texan, Reliant boasts 100% green electricity derived from local solar farms. Choosing Reliant as your Texas electricity provider is one of the easiest ways to go green without fuss or expense, and there are clean energy plans available for every person and every lifestyle.

Was not rushed and was a very friendly person.  Didn’t make me feel crazy.  Since having Reliant I am pleased with how they care!” -Sharon

Texas Light Company, Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy 

Cirro Energy, a Texas light company based in Richardson, serves all 400+ cities in Texas with deregulated electricity. Whether you’re looking for home energy or business electricity, Cirro has you covered with low Texas electricity rates, easy setup, and the choice between fixed-rate and variable-rate plans.

Moving to a new house, apartment, or office space? Cirro will make sure your power is ready to go on a moving day so you can start settling in right away. This low-cost energy provider also offers savings on several home protection plans that ensure you always have a power backup ready to go, including surge protection for electric lines and small home appliances.

Choose Cirro For a Simple, Easy-to-Use Light Company 

Cirro customers can use the My Cirro Mobile App to keep an eye on daily energy usage, make payments, and more.

I switched to Cirro, because they offered lower rates. I realize they use the same wires as everybody else, but I have enjoyed better service than most, and saved money. – Cindy

Spark Energy- Best Light Companies in Texas

Spark Energy – Residential & Commercial Houston Electricity Providers

Headquartered in Houston, Spark Energy provides residential and commercial light service in Texas, as well as electric and natural gas service throughout the country’s energy-deregulated states

New Spark Energy customers can secure an affordable, fixed electric rate for 6, 12, 18 months, or longer, and the company will even handle the switch from your current electricity provider. Compare Texas electricity plans offered by Spark Energy and choose the right plan at the right rate, with program-specific perks like carbon neutrality, customer rewards, and valuable rebates.

Spark Energy also allows eco-conscious Texans to GO GREEN with 100% renewable electricity plans that let you affordably reduce your carbon footprint.

Enjoy Customer Perks from Spark Energy

Refer a Friend for a $50 bill credit or Visa gift card. Interested in selling electricity? With the Spark Energy affiliate program, you can become an energy broker and build a team to earn even more cash.

“ I’ve had Spark a couple years over the past
several and I like them very well. Their plans
were easy to understand, competitively priced, and
they had competent customer service, not that I
needed much.”

— Greg

Pulse Power - Home Energy Provider in Texas

Pulse Power – Gimmick-Free Renewable Energy Plans

Pulse Power is a Texas-based home energy supplier that is dedicated to providing an easy, stress-free experience for its customers. Pulse energy plans are price-protected with term options of one, two or three years, and you’ll get a discount if you choose to autopay your bill each month.

Living green? Choose a renewable energy plan from Pulse and do your part in saving the environment. Pulse renewable electricity plans are easy and convenient and are available at comparable pricing to what you’ll find with traditional options.

Switch to Pulse Power online with Quick Electricity. All you need is a zip code to find the lowest Texas electricity rates available near you.

90 Day Guarantee

“ I had only one day of power outage compared to several of my neighbors. So I was pleased about that. Generally my bills have been lower than my previous company that I had for over 3 years. Thank you.” — Alexander

Iberdrola - Wind Energy Producer and Texas Energy Company

Iberdrola, a Texas Renewable Green Energy Provider

Iberdrola Energy is new to Texas but not to renewables. As a world-leading wind energy company, Iberdrola owns 18,000 acres of wind turbines located in the heart of Texas and is quickly becoming one of the top energy providers in Houston, Texas, and throughout the state.

Iberdrola offers low-rate energy plans that include fixed-rate pricing for 12, 24 or 36 months. Those in need of a quick set-up will be glad to know that it only takes five minutes to register with Iberdrola online, and everyone can probably appreciate that Iberdrola can help customers save up to $300 a year on energy costs.

Have been saving money with Iberdrola ever since I signed up! Super easy online sign up, cheap rates for green energy, and support our Texas economy!

Cella R in Houston

Infinte Energy - Texas Electricity Company

Infinite Energy Light Company 

Named the #1 electric energy company in Texas by the Texas PUC, Infinite Energy is a one-stop-shop for residential light service.

If you have good credit, you can’t make a better choice than Infinite. Infinite Energy boasts the cheapest electricity rates for long-term contracts and the ability to lower your rates based on thermostat usage.

Infinite Energy offers outstanding home protection plans that can meet your needs regardless of external elements. This includes surge protection for wiring and appliances so your home can stand up to unpredictable Texas weather.

Infinite offers top-notch customer service that is easy to reach and available to assist with any needs. Electric bills can be paid online or on the mobile app, and you can browse the Infinite Energy website for tips on going green, easy tracking of your electricity usage, and opportunities to pay it forward in your Texas community.

“ I was with another provider for some time, and then switched to Infinite Energy two years ago. I only have positive things to say about them… 100% green energy plans, friendly customer service, prompt responses to questions and concerns, etc. ”


Veteran Energy - Top Rated Texas Electricity Company

Veteran Energy – A Texas Energy Company that Gives Back 

Take Note: This energy company has raised more than $400,000 for veterans and military communities in Texas.

Veteran Energy provides electricity for homes and businesses in Texas and gives back a portion of each customer’s bill to veteran support organizations. They’ve also got the basics down that you expect from your Texas electricity provider, offering easy payment options, continuous educational tips, and usage tracking on their app.

Potential customers can check Veteran Energy’s service area by entering their zip code on their site. If they’re available in your town, you’ll be able to get started right away with Veteran Energy’s streamlined enrollment process.

“…The weekly emails with my usage is excellent and a nice touch for customers. I’ve never had a delivery problem with my electricity, nor any billing conflicts. A far more customer-friendly than the company I used before. I highly recommend Veterans Energy. ”



Amigo Energy Electricity Company in Texas

Amigo Energy Texas

Since 2003, Amigo Energy has provided quality customer service and affordable energy rates in Texas. Amigo offers many incentives for new customers and exclusive perks for existing users, making it one of the best energy providers, Houston, Texas-based, and in operation statewide.

Amigo is part of the Just Energy family of electric utility companies. This low-cost energy provider has an energy plan for every household and business in Texas and popular promotions that include the Truly Fixed Rate Plans and Nights Free.

Want to go green? With Amigo Energy, you can add any Just Green Product to your plan for only $9.99. Spread the word and get a $75 bill credit for every friend who enrolls!

About Constellation Energy - A Texas Light Company

Constellation Energy Texas

Constellation is another light company that is new to the Lone Star State but not to the industry. The Texas branch of Constellation Energy offers a wide range of residential energy plans, competitive small business electric rates, and valuable home service programs, as well as up to $600 in bill credits each year for customers.

Looking to lock in a low kWh rate long-term? Constellation electricity plans come with term lengths up to 36 months so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board comparing electricity plans in Texas every year.

Easily switch to Constellation by visiting their website and browsing their on-site content to learn more about what Constellation has to offer Texans.

“Easy to set up, customer service is good and prices are fair… I chose this light company because they are above average and that’s the type of energy brand I want to work with.”

— Jace

Information About TXU Energy

TXU Energy – The Largest Green Electricity Supplier in Texas

TXU Energy provides residential and commercial electricity services to more than two million customers in Texas and boasts the title of the largest light supplier in the state. Options include both fixed- and variable-rate plans, and you’ll also find smart options for solar-powered homes and businesses.

Founded as the Dallas Electric Lighting Company in 1882, TXU Energy has nearly 150 years of proven expertise in the Texas energy market. It ranks high in terms of energy savings, customer service, online accessibility, and available plan options. Variable-rate plans are priced in line with wholesale energy prices, and most plans come with perks such as free electricity on nights or weekends. If your needs end up changing, you’ll be able to switch without a headache, thanks to a $0 cancellation fee, and their helpful customer service team is always there to help you with any questions you might have.

Clean Green Energy with TXU

This Texas light company is committed to providing a green energy portfolio consisting of 100% renewable energy for residential customers. TXU Energy offers a wide range of electricity plans to help customers save money on their energy bills, with a portion of all plans backed by a green energy source like solar or wind power.

Our Exclusive Texas Energy Companies: Reliable and Affordable with Same Day Service