Moving to Texas? In certain cities, you’re going to need a power company. 

If you’re new to Texas, or setting up electric utilities for the first time, you’ve probably learned that many parts of the state are energy deregulated.

People living in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Killeen and Waco and over 400 additional cities have the power to choose their light company.

Quick Electricity has partnered with the top energy suppliers in Texas to deliver fast, cheap and reliable power to your home and business.

How to Shop for Power in Texas: Comparing Companies and Plans

When shopping for an electric provider, you want to find the cheapest energy rate from the most reputable company. This gets tricky when searching the web. Competition between Texas energy companies is at an all time high and it’s difficult to know what is a good deal and what isn’t, who is honest and who isn’t.

Here’s a few things to consider when choosing a new electric company in Texas:

Know what kind of energy plan you want before you shop.

Texas REPs, or retail energy providers, offer a variety of electricity plans ranging from month to month to 3 year fixed rate contracts. Before you shop for residential electric, determine what you need by asking yourself a few questions:

    • Are you renting or planning on moving again soon? If so, you might choose a 3 or 6 month energy plan. If you’re a long-term homeowner, you might consider a fixed rate electric plan with terms up to 36 months.
    • Do you prefer to receive a monthly bill or would you like to pay as you go? Prepaid electricity is a great alternative to a long term contract.
    • What size home do you have? Some 12 and 24 month plans have discounted rates for homes that use a larger amount of kWh per month.

Some people want to try an electric company before committing to a long term contract. In this instance, it’s best to choose a month to month electricity plan. This allows you to lock in a low rate for one month at a time without having to break a contract.

Be careful when choosing a plan with “free electricity”.

You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Texas has one of the most competitive energy industries in the United States and the internet has become the wild wild west of electricity sales. 

Texas electric companies want your business and they have rolled out the red carpet for new customers with offers such as “free power nights and weekends” and complimentary Google and Amazon smart home devices. 

Is electricity free? No way! Free energy plans are simply a marketing tactic. However, if most of your energy usage occurs at night, you might benefit from a free electricity plan. Just be sure to read the fine print, the EFL .

Examine the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for the plan you like.

Sneaky energy companies advertise kWh rates that do not include additional fees including the TDU, transmission and delivery charges that everyone has to pay. Unfortunately, customers don’t realize they’ve been deceived until they receive their first bill. 

Always read over the EFL, or “the fine print”. The Texas PUC requires every provider to document all plan details in an EFL and make it available on their websites. 

On the EFL you will find the actual electricity rate including the TDU pass-through charges as well as:

  • Monthly service fees
  • Renewable energy percentage 
  • Early termination or cancellation fees
  • Contract terms

Perform a quick search on the company you’re considering.

Many energy companies in Texas claim to be the best, but there are resources available to consumers that want to research themselves.

Texas PUC website 

The Texas Public Utilities Commission publishes a customer complaint report twice a year. There you can see how many times customers filed a formal complaint against the light company and the reasons why, including:

  • Slamming – when someone switches your REP without your consent
  • Cramming- when you have unauthorized charges on your electric bill 
  • Billing issues 
  • Quality of service

Better Business Bureau of Texas 

Even if the electric company is not registered, or accredited with the BBB, people can still file complaints. In our opinion, this makes the Better Business Bureau the most reliable source for honest, unbiased reviews of Texas energy providers.

Be wary of review websites. Texas electricity review websites are owned by energy companies and brokers who divert their web traffic to their products. Even Google reviews are bought these days. 

Be Your Own Energy Ogre

There are several electricity shopping sites that charge a monthly fee to find you the “lowest electric rate” for your home. Why pay a membership fee when you can put that money towards electricity?

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