Your TDU: Utility Providers in Texas

What is a TDU?

Transmission and Delivery Utility (TDU) is the provider that delivers electricity from power generation companies and distributes it to homes in Texas. TDUs are also referred to as TDSPs (Transmission/Distribution Service Providers). There are five main TDUs in Texas, and your TDU is determined by the city you live in. Click on your area’s TDU below to learn more about their community involvement, energy programs, and how to report outages.

Looking for an Electricity Provider?

In the market for a new electricity plan? While your utility provider (TDU) is predetermined by where you live, you get to choose the electricity provider you use (thanks to deregulation of the Texas energy sector). Quick Electricity helps you compare plan features so that you end up with the one that’s best for you.