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Abilene, Vernon, San Angelo and Alpine are all part of the AEP North Texas service territory. At Quick Electricity, we know Texas energy. From choosing a 100% wind energy provider in Abilene to securing the most affordable electric rate in San Angelo, we’re here to guide you.

Take a look at our best electricity deals from top rated AEP Texas energy providers:

Monthly Electricity Plans: AEPN Texas

Our month to month electric rates are perfect for renters or college students in Abilene, San Angelo and Vernon. You can’t beat a cheap, low rate with no strings attached. Try one of these 1 or 6 month plans without signing a contract.

Prepaid Electricity by Payless Power
  • Pay-As-You-Go electric is a perfect choice for renters, especially roommates.
  • Bad credit is okay. Everyone is approved.
  • Order by Phone: 1 (877) 509-8946
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Bright Choice Month to Month by Direct Energy
  • Go month to month with a cheap rate.
  • Good alternative to long term contract.
  • Order by Phone: 1 (844) 852-8706
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Power to Go by First Choice Power
  • Get the lights on for $30, then pay as you go!
  • There's no credit check or deposit needed to start.
  • Order by Phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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  • Prepaid electricity with free usage each weekend.
  • New customers pay $30 and refill account as needed.
  • Order by Phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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You Got This 6 by First Choice Power
  • Great for a 6 month apartment lease. Perfect for college students.
  • Your electric rate won't change for 6 months.
  • Order by Phone: 1 (844) 862-9687
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12 Month Energy Rate Deals

12 month electricity plans in the AEPN territory come with a fixed energy rate, allowing you to have a more consistent and predictable light bill. Good credit is required to secure the lowest energy rates, so check out our pay-as-you-go electricity option if you want to avoid a credit verification.

Lock in our cheapest electric rate! 

Iberdrola USA "Wind by Texas 12"
  • NEW! 100% Texas Wind Electricity
  • No Base Charges or Daily Fees
  • To order by phone, call 1-844-398-9549
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Direct Energy "Live Brighter 12 Months"
  • Get More Perks with a Direct Energy Plan
  • Priced Competitively in Texas
  • To order by phone, call 1 (844) 852-8706
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First Choice Power "You Got This 12 Month"
  • Popular One Year Plan with Easy Terms
  • Same Rate Day or Night
  • To order by phone, call 1 (844) 862-9687
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Payless Power "Premier 12"
  • No credit or contracts required!
  • Get Power Today for Only $49 Down
  • To order by phone, call 1 (877) 509-8946
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Frontier Utilities "Straight Power 12"
  • Great for bigger homes that use more energy
  • Secure a Low Fixed Price
  • To order by phone, call 1-844-398-9549
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2 Year Fixed Electricity Rates for the Abilene Area

Many 2 year energy plans come with freebies such as Nest and Google Home products. Electricity rates in Abilene and San Angelo are steadily rising, so now’s the time to lock in our most affordable rates. Remember, good credit is required for most long term energy plans. Our prepaid electricity option is available to anyone regardless of credit scores.

Take advantage of our lowest AEPN rates today! 

Iberdrola "Wind by Texas 24"
  • Worldwide renewable energy company new to Texas
  • 100% wind power sourced locally
  • Enroll Online Only
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Direct Energy "Live Brighter 24"
  • Secure a low, competitive energy rate for two years
  • Register for Auto Pay to get additional discounts
  • New Direct Energy customers call: 1 (844) 852-8706
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First Choice Power " You Got This 24"
  • Popular long term energy plan for homeowners
  • Your bill is more predictable with a fixed rate!
  • New First Choice Power customers call: 1 (844) 862-9687
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Frontier Utilities "24 Months Green"
  • Switch to 100% renewable electricity
  • Lock in a low fixed rate for 2 years
  • New Frontier Utilities customers call: 1-844-398-9549
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100% Green Electricity Plans and Rates for AEP North Texas

Get 100% Texas Wind Electricity with Iberdrola

Exclusive 36 Month Rate Offers in Texas

3 Year energy plans often come with the cheapest rates. A credit verification is required to secure the lowest prices long term. If you need the lights on today and cannot afford a security deposit due to poor credit, you can pay as you go with zero hassle.

Secure the lowest Abilene area energy rate now! 

Iberdrola "Wind by Texas 36"
  • Support Texas Wind Electricity
  • Order Iberdrola Online Only
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Direct Energy "Live Brighter 36"
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First Choice Power "You Got This 36"
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Reporting a Power Outage in Abilene

If you live in the Abilene area and you have a power outage or electricity emergency, visit AEP Texas online to file a report. 

AEP Texas Central

Abilene Electricity Providers (AEP North Texas)

Reliable – Low Rates – Recommended 

Electricity Company Popular Offers Enroll Online
Iberdrola Texas, USA Wind by Texas
Direct Energy Free Energy Nights
First Choice Power Power to Go Choose FCP
Payless Power SmarTricity Easy Choice

At Quick Electricity, we partner with only the top ranked energy companies in Texas. We get our electricity ratings from unbiased sources such as the Texas Public and Utilities Commission (PUC) and the Better Business Bureau.

Learn more about our Texas energy companies and what they have to offer our customers in the AEP North area.