Compare Electricity Rates in Texas

Oncor – CenterPoint – AEP Central – AEP North – TNMP 

If you’re new to Texas, it might be your first time shopping for electric utilities. Comparing hundreds of power companies and promotions is confusing, so we’ve simplified the electricity buying process by displaying only the best energy rate plans in the state.  

Compare Oncor Energy Rate Deals 

The Oncor service area covers most of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and nearby cities including Odessa, Tyler, Lubbock, Round Rock and Waco.

Compare CenterPoint Electricity Offers 

The CenterPoint Texas service area includes most of Houston, surrounding suburbs and some Gulf Shore communities.

Compare AEPN Texas Home Energy Deals 

The AEP North service area includes Abilene, San Angelo, Alpine and Vernon, Texas.

Compare AEPC Texas Energy Electric Offers 

The AEP Central service area includes Corpus Christi, Victoria, McAllen, Laredo and Harlingen, Texas.

Compare TNMP Texas Energy Deals 

The Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) service area includes Lewisville, Glen Rose, Friendswood, La Marque, League City and Dickinson, Texas.

Honest, Affordable Electric Rates

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Who’s Free to Choose Energy Rates in Texas?

Only parts of Texas have energy deregulation, or the power to choose electric rates in a free market. Large metro areas like Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston can shop electric rates, while cities such as Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and Lubbock have regulated power. In all, there are over 400 cities with electric choice.

Types of Electricity Rates in Texas

There are 3 main types of energy rates to choose from in Texas- fixed, variable and wholesale.

A fixed energy rate stays the same throughout your contract even during our hottest days.  Texas homeowners often choose a long term fixed rate energy plan because it’s the most stable rate option.

A variable rate changes with the market and can be the cheapest price at times. Choosing a variable energy rate is riskier during the summer and winter months.

A wholesale club such as Griddy or Power Wizard promises the bottom price for a monthly fee. However, this system is not foolproof. Many Texans were burned by wholesale pricing during the summer of 2019 when energy rates spiked to $19 per megawatt-hour! Proceed with caution.

Energy Rates Vary City to City in Texas 

Your city’s electric rate is decided by your local Transmission and Delivery Utility Company (TDU). Deregulated areas in Texas are divided into 6 main TDUs with Oncor and CenterPoint being the largest. Check out our Texas TDU finder to get more information about electric utilities, including how to report power outages. 

5 Main Electric Utility Companies in Texas

  • Oncor: Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen, Tyler, Waco
  • CenterPoint: Houston, Katy, Cypress, Galveston
  • AEP North: Abilene 
  • AEP South: 
  • Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP):