Fixed Rate Energy (Predictable Electricity Plans)Fixed Rate Energy Plans in Texas

Fixed rate energy plans allow you to lock in an affordable electricity rate for long periods of time. 

Choose a predictable electricity plan and worry less about rate hikes due to weather and strains on the grid. 

With Quick Electricity, you can secure a cheap fixed electric rate up to three years. We’ve partnered with the best fixed rate energy providers in Texas to bring you reliable, budget-friendly light service for years to come.

Take a look at our current fixed rate energy deals below:

Predictable “Fixed Rate” Energy from Quick Electricity

12 Month “No Frills” Plans: 

Veteran Energy "12 Month Partner Secure"
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  • Reliable, Basic Plan
  • Fixed Rate Energy
  • 12 Month Term
  • To order by phone, call: 1-855-780-5209
First Choice Power "You Got This 12 Month"
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  • Popular One Year Plan
  • Same Rate Day or Night
  • 12 Month Term
  • To order by phone, call 1 (844) 862-9687
Infinite Energy "12 Month Partner Saver"
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  • Simple, Stable Plan
  • Fixed Rate Electricity
  • 12 Month Term
  • To order by phone, call 1-855-780-5209
Direct Energy "Live Brighter 12 Months"
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  • Basic Residential Electric
  • Predictable Energy Rate
  • 12 Month Term
  • To order by phone, call 1 (844) 852-8706