Fixed Texas Energy with No Surprises

Secure an affordable, residential energy price for up to 3 years.

Texans that live in cities with deregulated electricity have a choice in providers, plans and rate types. While a variable rate will fluctuate through the seasons, a fixed electricity rate will not change no matter what happens with the grid. 

Most fixed rate electricity contracts come in term lengths of 8, 12,  24, and 36 months. This type of energy plan is best suited for homeowners, or someone who doesn’t plan on moving and breaking a contract. Fixed, or “flat” electric rates are typically the cheapest in Texas.

Shop our most popular Fixed Rate Energy Plans:

Fixed rate electricity plans Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth Texas

Simple, Fixed Electricity Plans for Every Texan

Get reliable, quick energy service with a low fixed rate. 

8 Month Fixed Rate Electricity Plan
$14.5 cents /kWh
  • Take the worry out of your energy plan with one fixed rate.
  • Earn rewards for paying your bill on time.
  • Register in minutes and get same day lights.
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12 Month Fixed Rate Electricity Plan
$15.0 cents /kWh
  • Lock in our lowest energy rate in Texas.
  • Perks include $100 free electricity for referring a friend.
  • Sign up online and get the power on today.
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24 Month Fixed Rate Electricity Plan
$14.9 cents /kWh
  • Get two years of price stability with a five star provider.
  • Get money back with unbeatable rewards.
  • Register now to secure our cheapest energy price.
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36 Month Fixed Rate Electricity Plan
$14.8 cents /kWh
  • Home owner? Lock in today's rate for 3 years.
  • Earn bonus cash when you choose autopay.
  • Sign up today, hassle free.
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It’s Beneficial to Choose a Fixed Rate Electricity Plan

Predictable Light Bills 

With a fixed energy rate, your kWh price stays the same, no matter how much the market rates fluctuate. With a fixed light rate there are less surprises on your bill. Choose one of our fixed rate electricity options and worry less about rate hikes due to hot summers and cold winter days. 

Customer Loyalty Rewards 

Many energy providers reward long term customers with everything from free energy to Amazon gift cards. If you’re willing to commit long term, the incentives are endless.

Lowest Electric Rates

When you commit to a fixed energy plan, you get the cheapest price per kWh. Heading into a hot summer, choosing a long term plan is a smart choice for Texas consumers.

Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plans in Houston Texas
Fixed Rate Electricity Companies in Texas

Fixed Rate Electricity Companies in Texas

At Quick Electricity, you can compare low fixed rates from top light companies in over 400 energy deregulated cities in the state of Texas. Want electric without a credit check? Payless Power offers fixed rate prepaid electricity

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With Quick Electricity, you’re guaranteed to find the best energy plan for your home and budget.

We Offer More than Fixed Price Electricity Plans

Want something less permanent? Let Quick Electricity guide you to the perfect home energy plan. From monthly billing with no deposit to prepaid lights with fixed rates, we have it all.