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Best rates for electricity in Texas

Looking for the best rates for electricity in Texas? Whether you need to set up electric utilities for the first time or looking to lower your monthly bill, Quick Electricity can save you money, energy, and time. We offer a variety of Texas electricity plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.


Same Day Connection

Need electricity now? Texas utility providers work fast to turn your power on the same day–sometimes within the hour! Call us to get connected today. After hours? No problem! Set up your electric utilities online to get lights on by the next business day.

No Credit Check Options

No credit checks or deposits required! Experience the convenience of same-day prepaid electricity. Simply start with just $40 down and enjoy the flexibility of Pay As You Go. It’s that simple!

Quick, 5-Star Electricity Service

Thousands of satisfied customers and businesses have trusted us to find them the best rates for electricity in Texas. Whatever your energy requirements, we’ll find the perfect plan for you!

Finding Affordable
Electricity Providers

What is the best energy provider in Texas? How do I know which one to choose? At Quick Electricity, we streamline the process of finding and obtaining residential and commercial Texas electricity plans. No credit checks, same-day connections, and tailored plans make electricity hassle-free! Explore and enroll in electricity plans best suited for your needs at a cost that fits your budget.

Compare Electricity
Plans in Texas

Quick Prepaid Electricity

Lights on Today for Only $40

Same day, prepaid electricity plans work just like any other pay-as-you-go product. Make a low first-time payment to activate your account and add money as needed. We send daily emails and text messages to remind you.

No Credit Check Required

Monthly and Yearly Electricity Plans

3, 6, 9, and 18-Month Contracts for Your House or Apartment

Thanks to deregulated energy in Texas, you have the power to choose your home or apartment energy provider, Texas electricity rate, and contract terms. Opt for month-to-month or yearly payment plans, with contracts extending up to 3 years.

Lock in a long-term (kWh) electricity rate, or pay as you go.

Fixed Electric Contracts

8, 12, 24, and 36 Month Contracts.

Fixed Texas electricity rates do not change. These plans are Ideal for homeowners or those committed to a stable residence. Referred to as “flat electric rates,” Texas boasts some of the lowest in the country.

Fixed rates for 1, 2, and 3 years.

Short Term Contracts

Try Quick Electricity for 6 months for only $40 down.

Not ready to commit to a lengthy contract? With Quick Electricity, you can get lights turned on today without signing a long-term energy contract. Short-term plans are perfect for those who want to try our electric service before moving to a fixed-rate energy plan.

Commit up to 6 months.

Texas Green Electricity Plans

Renewable energy solutions at affordable prices

Quick Electricity offers residential energy plans that use renewable power sources, such as solar, hydro, geothermal, and wind electricity – produced right here in Texas! Don’t wait; compare energy and earth-saving plans with us.

Plans vary by zip code.

Power Your Business with
Quick Electricity

Low Commercial Energy Rates in Texas

Ready to open up shop? Choosing a business energy plan can be tricky, no matter the size of your company. Quick Electricity can help you find the lowest business energy rates with the most perks.

Prepaid Business Electricity

Soon, small business owners will benefit from the ease and convenience of paying ahead for electric utilities.

Quick Electricity Deals

Quick Electricity has the latest promotions from top-rated energy companies in Texas. Choose from free electricity nights and weekends, discounted military rates, and 100% renewable energy.

Why Quick Electricity?

Trust. Reliability. Choice.

Opt for confidence and clarity with Quick Electricity. Our Texas electricity rate plans are designed to be simple, clear, and free from complicated terms.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we take extensive steps to pinpoint your needs and find the perfect electricity plan for you.

Real, Responsive Support

Speak to one of our team members anytime you call, like our Energy Ambassador, Mary Pressler, who’s always ready to answer your questions and walk you through your options.

Quick Electricity Texas

The Quick Electricity service area covers over 400 towns in Texas, including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Waco, and the Rio Grande Valley. Check out our coverage map for a complete list of deregulated cities., or give us a call to get a low electric rate. We’re here to help!

Commercial Electricity Rates by Location

Our smart and user-friendly search tool takes the hassle out of finding the best rates on electricity near you. Explore your options here!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no problem if your electric plan has expired, however, you’ll want to find a new one ASAP. You could be paying a premium rate.

In most cases, you can get your electricity turned on the same business day.

Some providers will ask for a deposit if your credit score is low. In this case, we suggest you choose Payless Power to avoid a credit check and deposit.

It’s easy to transfer your electricity service. Simply call your provider to make the change. Your electricity plan terms will not change.

We gather monthly Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) straight from the providers’ websites. We use this page of plan details to compare to other provider plans so we can present the best electricity plans to our clients.

Customer Testimonials

Shannon B., Fort Worth

I switched to prepaid electricity when I moved into an apartment. It is easy to refill my account and keep an eye on my energy usage. I have saved money too. I recommend Quick Electricity to anyone moving to Texas.

Sarah D., North Richland Hills

Easy to compare plans online. No deposit is HUGE when renting and in between moves. Will be sharing with friends!

Scott S., Dallas

I’m moving back to Texas and used Quick Electricity to set-up my service. It was fast, easy to do and their service is second to none. Definitely a 5-star experience in every way.

Elizabeth M., Round Rock

Signing up for electricity was easy and fast. I have told my friends about this company.

Angela T, McKinney

I needed a short term electric connection when we moved to Frisco and called Quick Electricity. I used their prepaid electricity temporarily and moved into a two year contract after things settled. I recommend Quick Electricity to anyone who’s looking for a light company.

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