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Professional Electricity Procurement

There are many states where you can choose your gas and electricity providers, but having several options can also lead to confusion. Energy plans often have complex terms and conditions, and a bad choice can greatly increase your utility bills. Our electricity consultants find the most cost-effective energy plans for your building, considering key factors like your operating schedule and peak demand.

We can also help you plan your energy purchasing decisions over time, instead of relying on short-term purchases that increase your bills. The energy consumption patterns of your company are a key factor to consider when comparing gas or electricity plans. Each building has a unique consumption profile, and a plan that reduces utility bills in a neighboring property will not necessarily work for you.

The energy consumption patterns of commercial and industrial buildings can also change over time. This means companies must reevaluate their energy plans regularly, and decide if they still make sense. Also consider that new energy providers may enter the market, and they may bring better kWh rates for your company. We give you ongoing advice, helping you make the best energy procurement decisions.

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