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Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Agriculture 

The agriculture industry has a high demand for energy, and increasing costs have a major impact on farmer profits. Agriculture involves many types of specialized equipment, and this also means there are plenty of opportunities for energy efficiency. Many farms also have favorable site conditions for solar panels and other renewable generation systems.

If you’re in the agricultural sector, our partner, ProStar Energy Solutions, can help you reduce your energy costs. Their team of experts can design energy efficiency measures and generation systems for many types of farms, but they focus on three key areas:

LED Lighting: When designing lighting systems for the agriculture industry, you need to consider the biological needs of crops and livestock. Producing enough lumens is not enough, and light fixtures must also create an environment that contributes to health and productivity. LED lighting offers the design flexibility to be used in various applications, while being energy efficient.  For example, LED technology can be used to grow indoor crops faster, or to increase milk production in dairy farms.

IoT: Agriculture involves many routine tasks that can be automated. You can use the IoT to optimize lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification, pumping, and other key operations.

Solar Energy in Agriculture: Farms have access to many renewable resources, which can be used to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Since more farming operations are located away from urban areas, there are no tall buildings blocking sunlight. Solar panels can also be used in grazing areas, where they generate electricity while providing shade for livestock.

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