IoT Consultant and Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Internet of Things (IoT) Management Systems

Improving Energy Management with the IoT

A professional energy audit can provide a detailed breakdown of how your building is using energy. Based on this information, consultants can propose energy saving measures that are technically and financially viable. Depending on your building’s location, the state government or local utility companies may offer financial incentives for energy efficiency measures.

The Internet of Things (IoT) takes the energy management process one step further.

  • The energy consumption of all building systems can be measured in real time with sensor networks, providing a live snapshot of how energy is being used.
  • This information can be used as an input for automatic building controls, which adjust the operating conditions of mechanical and electrical systems to achieve greater savings.

Smart energy management would not have been possible before the digital age, since it requires the constant monitoring of building systems. The IoT makes the concept possible, since sensors can gather live data that describes the operating conditions of energy-consuming systems. Once an IoT platform has been set up, consultants can know how a building is consuming energy at any time, without a walk-through audit.

When the IoT is applied to energy management, the benefits go beyond cost savings. For example, building owners can join demand response programs managed by power companies, where they earn rewards for reducing consumption at times of high demand. Using sensors and automatic controls, building owners can maximize the revenue obtained from these programs. Energy management solutions enhanced by the IoT can also help owners achieve green building certifications like LEED and ENERGY STAR.

We Can Handle Your IoT 

IoT Based in Frisco, Texas, ProStar Energy Solutions is a leading provider of energy management solutions for the building sector. In 2019, the company was listed among the 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers by CIO Review. ProStar Energy Solutions provides IoT platforms that can gather and centralize live data from multiple buildings or client-owned assets. Using this data, building owners can make better decisions with respect to their energy consumption.

ProStar Energy Solutions recently completed an LED and HVAC upgrade for a major office building developer in Dallas, Texas. These building upgrades were complemented with an energy management solution that gathers and analyzes real-time data, increasing efficiency by 10% and reducing consumption by nearly 20%. ProStar Energy Solutions is currently expanding into the healthcare industry, where the energy costs of facilities exceed $9.7 billion per year. The company is developing an energy management system for hospitals, which are among the most energy intensive buildings.