Industrial lighting design and installation service

Industrial LED Lighting 

LED lighting products offer a superior efficiency and service life, compared with older types of lamps and fixtures. During its service life, an LED lighting system not only saves you many kilowatt-hours, but also the lamp replacements needed when using less durable products. LEDs can achieve a payback period of less than 3-4 years in many types of buildings, and they often qualify for financial incentives from electric utilities or local governments.

ProStar Energy Solutions can conduct a professional assessment of your lighting systems, and specify an ideal LED upgrade for each application. 

  • Depending on the lamp types being replaced, the electricity savings achieved by LED lighting can range from 30% to 90%. 
  • Commercial and industrial LED products have a typical service life of 50,000 – 100,000 hours, while most fluorescent and HID lamps are in the range of 10,000 – 30,000 hours. You can save many lamp replacements over time, and their associated labor cost.

LED lighting products may seem more expensive upfront. However, when you consider their energy and maintenance savings in the long term, each dollar invested is recovered multiple times. Compared with older technologies, LED lighting is also a safer option:

  • LED lamps and fixtures can be manufactured without glass and other fragile materials, making them shatterproof. When HID and fluorescent lamps break, they scatter glass shards and other harmful substances.
  • LED lamps operate at lower temperatures, which means they are less likely to cause a burn when touched accidentally.
  • Unlike HID lamps, which have a restrike time after being switched off, LEDs can reactivate immediately after a power interruption. This is a major advantage in outdoor and industrial applications.

Thanks to their low energy consumption, LEDs can operate more hours with backup power during blackouts and other emergencies. This gives you more time to evacuate a building if necessary.

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