Professional Utility Audit

Commercial Energy Auditing 

Utility bills don’t always reflect the actual energy consumption of a commercial or industrial building. Our partner, ProStar Energy Solutions, has found that up to 80% of utility bills contain errors, and these undue payments can add up to thousands of dollars over time. Also consider that energy companies are under no obligation to notify their customers when lower energy prices are available, and your bills may have optional payments you can eliminate.

ProStar Energy Solutions can analyze your gas and electricity bills, finding opportunities to claim refunds or accumulate future savings. If any information is missing, their team of experts can obtain it directly from your gas or electricity provider. In many cases, companies can reduce their annual utility expenses by 3-5%. The following are some potential benefits of a professional utility bill audit from ProStar:

  • Claiming refunds for overcharges and other billing errors.
  • Identifying optional charges and opting out of them.
  • Switching to energy plans with more favorable conditions for your company.

If a utility bill audit from ProStar  achieves no savings or refunds, it’s free of charge for the customer. 

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