Commercial Energy Professionals for Financial Management

Financial Management Services for Commercial Energy Projects 

Technical requirements are only one aspect of commercial energy projects: you also need effective management to meet your deadline and budget. Our partner, ProStar Energy Solutions, goes beyond the design stage, and they can also help you secure financing and manage risks throughout the entire project.

The success of a deep energy retrofit or renewable generation project depends on technical, financial and regulatory aspects. The following are some project management areas that can be simplified by relying on the experts at ProStar:

  • Energy market analysis: Identify which energy efficiency measures and renewable generation systems are viable, considering current energy prices and local regulations.
  • Project kickoff: ProStar can break down the scope of your energy project into specific work items and schedule construction. They can also manage the bidding process and request all the necessary information.
  • Contract management: ProStar can help you compare different types of energy contracts (PPA, lease, service agreement, etc.), identifying the best option for your company.
  • Project financing: ProStar can analyze the costs and benefits associated with your energy project, while helping you secure financing under favorable terms.
  • Environmental impact: ProStar can analyze the lifetime environmental impacts and benefits associated with your energy project, while helping you meet local permitting requirements and regulations.

ProStar offers a unique combination of energy expertise and project management expertise, ensuring that your project is finished on time and on budget, while offering an attractive return on investment.

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