Natural Gas Choices in Georgia

Energy Deregulation in Georgia

Deregulated energy services: Only natural gas.

Deregulated gas service territories: Atlanta Gaslight Company (AGLC).

Georgia deregulated the local natural gas industry in 1998, through Senate Bill 215. Energy retailers can market natural gas to end users, and Atlanta Gaslight Company (AGLC) is in charge of distribution and storage. Georgia only approved gas deregulation for the AGLC service territory, which means residents from other areas cannot choose providers.

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) has a scorecard of gas marketers in the deregulated market, which also includes their monthly prices and contact information. The PSC scorecard is very useful when comparing natural gas providers in Georgia.

The PSC also approved $5.4 million for AGLC, to be used for gas rate reductions through 2025. Senior citizens aged 65 or above with a combined household income of $14,355 or less are eligible for a monthly discount of $14.00.

Gas providers may reject applications from potential customers who have low credit scores. In these cases, customers can sign up with the regulated provider – there is a $150 upfront deposit, which is refunded after paying on time during six consecutive months.

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