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Quick Tips for Moving

Whether you’re moving across town or leaving California for Texas, the mystery of the unknown can be intimidating. People move for many different reasons and not all of them are a positive or exciting experience. 

We can’t alleviate all of the frustration associated with moving, but we can sure try to give you a couple of helpful tips. Our hope is that these ideas can help ease the transition into your new place.

Moving Checklist - Tips for Moving

The Essential Moving Checklist

Practical tips and life hacks are two of the best things to research when making a move. We’ve already done some of the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of our favorites. 

10 Ways to Simplify Your Move 

1. Get a moving binder– It doesn’t matter if you’re moving near or far, a moving binder will help stay organized. For those of you that are more tech driven, keep similar notes and to do lists in the note section of your phone or on Google Drive.

A great moving binder will include to do lists, budget tracking, what you need to do in your current home, what you need to do in your future home, any applicable appointment times in both places, etc. Be prepared!

2. Remember to forward your mail– Change your address and schedule your forwarding services 2 weeks out from your move. USPS makes it fast and simple!

An added bonus is that you’ll get coupons at your new address for useful home improvement stores.

couple with moving boxes and their puppy3. Label boxes meticulously– It’s time to get organized. In a big move, a sharpie and some tape just isn’t going to cut it. Try a labeling system using color coordination (i.e. The kitchen gets yellow labels, bathroom gets green, etc.).

Consider keeping all boxes for the same room together when they’re being loaded on the truck or POD.

4. Save on boxes– Moving is already expensive, so cut costs where you can. Check classified ads on social media for gently used boxes. A lot of people are eager to get rid of the boxes they don’t need anymore. It’s a win win!

5. Use suitcases for the heaviest items– It’s a great idea to skip boxing up books and other heavy items. Go straight to your rolling suitcase to take the brunt of the weight. The last thing you need is to throw your back out on moving day!

6. Track your moving expenses– Use that moving binder we talked about earlier to track your moving expenses. Did you know that some expenses related to your move may be tax deductible?

This is especially true if you are a small business owner or are moving due to employment circumstances. Take a minute to research these benefits to save as much money as you can

7. Research important places– If you’re moving into uncharted territory then taking time to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood from afar is important. How far is the elementary school?  How long will your commute to work take?

Keep other places in mind, too. Be able to locate your DMV, library, police department, etc. It’s not necessary in a world with Google maps, but it can help ease your mind knowing more during the process of moving.

tips for moving - donate or sell what you don't need8. Donate or sell what you don’t love– Try to sell what you can’t use or don’t want prior to the move. Time has a way of changing our minds about the things we own, especially if those things have been boxed up for an extended period of time.

When you’re unpacking take a quick inventory again. Love it or sell it? The extra cash can be useful to put back into your new home.

9. Update Your Driver’s LicenseIf you’re moving cross state changing the address on your license is going to be a major priority. Your license will be needed as proof of address for setting up all vital accounts like your utility account, homeowner’s insurance, etc.

10. Set Up Electricity, Gas & Water Utilities Early– Not all power companies are created equally. It’s important to know who your service provider will be in your neighborhood and how long the process for setting up electricity takes. In deregulated states like Texas, you’ll get to choose your electricity provider and plan

To connect services, you will most likely need proof of address, drivers license, social security number. In some cases, a utility deposit may be required

In Conclusion 

The key to a successful move is research, being well organized, and working smarter (not harder). There’s no shortage of ideas that you can utilize to make a move run more smoothly.

Have you tried any ideas on our list? Tell us which tricks and hacks have served you well. Let us be the first to say, ‘Welcome home!’.

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