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Avoid Bill Shock with a Fixed Rate Energy Plan

secure your electric rate with a fixed rate energy planWith soaring energy costs in Texas, many of us have taken a hit to the wallet. When you choose a fixed rate energy plan, you avoid unpredictable price spikes and worry less about your light bill.

Quick Electricity was formed to help people navigate through the difficult and confusing process of choosing an energy provider in Texas. Since 2013, we’ve partnered with the highest rated power companies in the state to offer our customers the most reliable energy at the lowest price.

Here’s our picks for the Best Fixed Priced Energy Deals in Texas

1. Texas Breeze Plan by Rhythm Energy

Simple, fixed rate pricing for your home or apartment 

Why we like Rhythm Electricity

After the historic winter storm in February, many of us were left wishing we had a fixed rate energy plan. At Rhythm, all customers get a fixed kilowatt rate and can choose from a 12, 24 or 36 month term contract. Rhythm energy rates are competitive and fair. To prove it, Rhythm gives you 90 days to terminate your contract without penalty.

The Fine Print:

  • Rhythm electricity is derived from 100% renewables
  • Save even more with the popular Rhythm Rewards program 
  • Rhythm gets 5 stars for customer service

Choose Rhythm for Fixed Energy:

To switch today, register yourself online or call 1 (877) 649-0511 for new customer assistance 

2. New Payless Power: “SmarTricity Secure Saver 12 Plan” (fixed rate prepaid electricity)

Pay As You Go! 

Why we like this plan from Payless Power:

Typically, prepaid electricity comes with a variable rate, and Payless Power is the first prepaid energy company to offer a fixed rate. This means price stability no matter what.

We recommend pay as you go electric because it’s hassle-free: no credit check, zero deposit and daily text updates. This great offer is just one more reason to choose Payless Power as your energy provider.

The Fine Print:

  • This is a prepaid energy plan, so you’ll open an account with $75 and that money will go towards your power. It isn’t a deposit. Monitor your account daily and recharge as needed
  • There is a $40 early cancellation fee
  • Agree to Auto Pay and get a lower rate!

Get Fixed Rate Prepaid Electricity Today:

Call Payless Power to sign up, or grab this fixed rate prepaid electricity offer online.

3. Direct Energy 12 Hour Power + Fixed Rate Energy Plan

Charge your electric car for FREE!

Why we like this plan:

With the Texas summer heat, electric rates can soar at any time.  With this 12 month energy plan from Direct Energy, your electricity rate will not change for one year. That’s pretty nice considering the unpredictability of Texas weather.

As an added bonus, your nighttime electricity usage is free. Got loads of laundry to do?  Try doing your high usage chores later in the evening instead of during the day when rates are higher. Do you watch tv late at night and sleep in until noon? This just might be the plan for you.

The Fine Print:

  • Your electricity is free every night from 9 p.m to 9 a.m for an entire year
  • With this plan, the electric rate is slightly higher during the day 
  • The energy rate is “fixed” protecting you from sudden spikes in price 
  • For more information, visit Direct Energy 

Get 12 Hours of Free Power with Direct Energy:

Sign up for 12 Hour Power online now, or call Direct Energy directly at 844-852-8706.

4. First Choice Power “You Got This”

Gimmick Free Electricity!

Why we like this plan:

The First Choice Power “You Got This” is one of our most popular fixed rate electricity plans in Texas. This basic, easy to understand contract just might restore your faith in Texas electricity! There’s no confusion here- just cheap electricity without the gimmicks

The Fine Print 

  • Choose “You Got This” for 12 or 24 Months
  • This is a fixed rate product, so expect little fluctuation in price
  • FCP products contain renewable energy, so you can go green! 

Get First Choice Power Today:

Register for this First Choice Power electricity plan in minutes.  For assistance, call 844-862-9687.

5. 100% Texas Wind + Fixed Rate by Iberdrola

This Plan is Currently Unavailable 

Go green with Texas Renewable Energy!

Why we like this plan:

When you choose Iberdrola as your provider, you’re getting pure wind electricity sourced right here in Texas. Even better, Iberdrola prices are fixed without hidden fees. These two things combined are sure to keep your electric bill predictable during price spikes due to seasonal weather changes. 

The Fine Print:

  • This is a fixed rate product, meaning price protection against rate hikes 
  • With Iberdrola, you can make your energy 100% renewable
  • For more plan details, visit Iberdrola Texas

Choose Iberdrola Texas

Register with Iberdrola online 24 hours a day.

Iberdrola - Green Electricity Provider in Texas

Learn More About Iberdrola Texas

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