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Avoid Bill Shock with a Fixed Rate Energy Plan

With soaring energy costs in Texas, many of us have taken a hit to the wallet. When you choose a fixed rate energy plan, you avoid unpredictable price spikes and worry less about your light bill.

Quick Electricity was formed to help people navigate through the difficult and confusing process of choosing an energy provider in Texas. Since 2013, we’ve partnered with the highest rated power companies in the state to offer our customers the most reliable energy at the lowest price.

Here’s our pick for the Best Fixed Priced Energy Deal in Texas:

secure your electric rate with a fixed rate energy plan


New Payless Power:  “12 Month Plan”

Pay As You Go Electricity with One Flat Rate 

Why we like this plan from Payless Power:

Typically, prepaid electricity comes with a variable rate, and Payless Power is the first prepaid energy company to offer a fixed rate. This means price stability no matter how high Texas electricity rates get.

We recommend pay as you go electric because it’s hassle-free: no credit check, zero deposit and daily text updates. This great offer is just one more reason to choose Payless Power as your energy provider.

The Fine Print:

  • This is a prepaid energy plan, so you’ll open an account with $40 and that money will go towards your power. It isn’t a deposit. Monitor your account daily and recharge as needed
  • There is a $40 early cancellation fee
  • Agree to Auto Pay and get a lower rate!

Get Fixed Rate Prepaid Electricity Today:

Call Payless Power to sign up, or grab this fixed rate prepaid electricity offer online.

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