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Home Energy Monitor for Audit

Save Money With a Home Energy Monitor

Is saving money on power one of your biggest challenges? If you live in places like Texas, you dread your monthly electric bill, and you might not know how to keep energy costs low. We recommend investing in a cheap home energy monitor

With new advances in smart electricity technology, home power monitors can help bring your electric bill down by summarizing your utility usage and make suggestions on areas you can improve.

These impressive home audit systems can save you money almost as soon as you plug them in, so let’s get shopping!

Top 5 Best Home Energy Monitors on the Market Today

1. Sense Energy Monitor: $409

Top of the line yet affordable, Sense Energy Monitor makes our list for its sleek features. Here is why we love it-

  • The most advantageous feature of Sense is the top of the line technology. The design is Intertek Certified so you know that you’re getting quality.
  • Sense keeps your home and those you love out of immediate danger by alerting you if irons, space heaters, or other potentially dangerous appliances were left on. 
  • Track your electricity usage in real-time! Sense gives you data at your fingertips so that you can implement money saving strategies.
  • Sense is compatible with all iOS and Android platforms. Sense is also available across web apps.

2. Emporia Vue Smart Home Meter: $99.99

Emporia comes in at just under $100 but works as hard as a higher-priced smart meter. We’re fans of Emporia because:

  • You can track multiple circuits with Emporia Vue. That means that you don’t have to guess where your energy is going and why electric bills are so high. 
  • Easily installation means that you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions.
  • Emporia Vue’s Expansion Model allows you to see how specific appliances in your home use up energy and precisely how much it is costing you each month.
  • You can track usage of your dryer, furnace, water pump, etc.

3. Eyedro Home Energy Monitor: $99.00

In a similar price range as Emporia, Eyedro is affordable and a high performer. We love the unique features that this smart meter has to offer.

  • The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor allows you to buy the ethernet cable model or upgrade to wifi. This lets customers purchase within their particular budget and make upgrades later, if wanted.
  • With Eyedro, you set budgeting goals, so to speak. Then you pinpoint the price range that you want to spend on your utility bills each month and enter it onto the Eyedro platform. Later, match the actual bills to the usage goals that you had set to see how you’ve saved.
  • There isn’t a subscription fee to use the Eyedro platform. What you purchase upfront is the only thing you will ever need to buy!

4. Three Phase Efergy Elite Power Monitor: $114.95

This smart meter is a great option for those that want to keep costs under $150 and still enjoy sleek techy options.

  • Efergy Elite 4.0 allows you to enjoy an extremely simple installation.
  • You can easily view your power usage on a portable screen which allows you to be phone-free!
  • Have a birds-eye view of your utility usage. Efergy Elite allows you to see your usage over the course of a day, week, or month. This allows you to track your goals and to continue improvements for reducing your monthly expenses.
  • Bonus! This monitor audibly alerts you if you have any excessive power usage.

5. Aotech by Aenon Labs: $94.95

  • Last, but certainly not least on our list is the Aeotech meter. This petite utility meter knows how to throw a punch and would be perfect for a smaller home. 
  • Enjoy up to a 328 ft wireless range with Aeotech.
  • An impressive 99% accuracy means that you’re getting data that allows you to make positive changes in your overall energy usage.
  • 1-year warranty and free Amazon tech support is included with each purchase.

Use Home Energy Monitors to Save MoneyWhich Home Energy Monitor Will You Choose?

These 5 affordable smart meters are all great choices if you’re looking to minimize your monthly energy costs. Thankfully, we have done the “shopping around” for you and chosen the best with your budget in mind. 

  • Read through the online descriptions carefully to ensure that you are able to self-install or if you need to plan to have someone on hand to assist you.
  • Take into consideration the size of your home, the compatibility of the meter(s) with your existing electrical outlets, and the format in which you want to review the incoming data. 
  • Read customer reviews carefully, commonly asked questions, and ask questions yourself if you have any.
  • As the data begins to roll in, we also encourage you to set aside money as you’re able to replace any light bulbs or to change out appliances as needed. 

We’re excited for you! You’re going to be saving money each month!

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