Texas Homeowners Love Prepaid Because…


1.  There’s no credit check involved with prepaid electricity.

Every traditional electricity company will run a credit check and if you have poor credit they will ask for a deposit before connecting your service. The amount of the deposit can be $200 or higher.

Avoid the hassle with pay as you go electricity from Quick Electricity.

4.   There’s no hefty deposit to start, just pay as you go!

No Credit Check means NO DEPOSIT!  Instead of putting down $200 for a deposit, get started with a prepaid electricity company and spend that money on electricity!

3. You avoid hidden charges with prepaid.

Quick Electricity gives you one bundled rate including your TDU Delivery Charge. If you find a company that offers a rate such as 5.9 cents per kWh, chances are that not included in that rate is the TDU (Transmission and Distribution Utility) Delivery Charge on your bill.

Avoid other hidden fees such as a connection fee and monthly charges that you’ll pay TXU. Pay for only what you use in electricity!

2. You are in charge of your bill so there are NO SURPRISES!

I used to DREAD the electric bill at the end of the month. With Quick Electricity prepaid electricity you’ll receive daily text or email usage updates telling you how much you spend each day and when it’s time to recharge your account.  Say goodbye to the guessing game that is post billing.

1. Prepaid saves you money. That simple.

Get in tune with what you’re spending on electricity you learn how to conserve energy at the same time. When you know your daily usage, you’re more inclined to turn the lights off when your not home. You’ll find yourself turning off the television when it’s not in use and in turn you will spend less money on electricity.

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