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Woman is switching to prepaid electricity

Get Daily Text Updates with Prepaid Electricity

Get More Perks With Prepaid Electricity

If you live in Texas, you know our electricity is unique compared to the rest of the country. Over half of the state chooses their own energy provider and contract terms.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an energy deregulated city such as Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth, you should take advantage of pay as you go electricity.

1.  There’s no credit check involved when you prepay for power

Texas electricity companies will run a credit check when you sign up. If you have bad credit, they will ask for a deposit before turning your power on. The amount of the deposit can be $200 or higher depending on the size of your home or apartment.

Skip the hassle with pay as you go energy from Quick Electricity.

2. There’s no contract when you choose prepaid energy

Many Texans want to avoid contracts at all costs. Prepaid electricity works just like any other pay as you go service. Just pay upfront and then refill as needed.

Come and go without early termination fees.

3. Prepaid electricity rate plans are uncomplicated

Quick Prepaid Electricity offers you one straight-forward rate which includes your TDU Delivery Charge. If you find a power company online that advertises a cheap rate such as 5.9 cents per kWh, they have not included the delivery charges from your local utility provider. Buyer beware.

With prepaid energy, you avoid hidden fees for connections, disconnections and account services. Pay for only what you use in electricity!

4. You are in charge of your bill so there are NO SURPRISES!

We all dread the electric bill at the end of the month. With prepaid lights, you’ll receive daily text or email usage updates telling you how much you spend each day and when it’s time to recharge your account.

Eliminate your electric bill when you choose prepaid.

5. Prepaid electricity saves you money. That simple.

Get in tune with what you’re spending on electricity you learn how to conserve energy at the same time. When you know your daily usage, you’re more inclined to turn the lights off when your not home.

Soon you’ll find yourself spending less money on home energy.

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