The History Energy Deregulation in Delaware

Delaware deregulated the supply portion of electric service in 1999. Supply charges make up about 2.3 of a customer’s electric bill, but third-party electric suppliers may offer incentives or different rate plans to suit customer preferences.

Just like any state with an imposed energy deregulation law, Delaware’s energy deregulation was a necessity taken to help consumers find affordable electricity in their state. Ever since the state government passed the new regulations, Retail Electric Providers (REPs) have opened up all over the state, competing for customers by offering the best energy rates and services.

Delmarva Power- Electric Utility Provider in Delaware

Although there are over 100 active retail electric suppliers in the state, they all get their power supply from the same utility provider: Delmarva Power. The state uses coal, electricity and natural gas as its sources of energy, and Delmarva Power supplies these to retailers who then sell it to residents and businesses all across the state.

Because of energy deregulation in Delaware, residents and business owners can easily switch providers without any power interruptions. Now they can choose a plan that can fit their lifestyle without compromising their family budget. Delaware customers don’t have to select a third-party electric supplier. If they don’t choose one, their utility provider will procure their supply. 

Delaware’s Public Service Commission approved all electrical suppliers and brokers in the state, placing them on the List of Certified Electric Suppliers


Delaware Energy - Deregulation Facts, Figures and Provider Information

Quick Facts about Energy in Delaware

  • Greenhouse gas emissions for power plants. Delaware does not impose a greenhouse gas emission cap for residents, unlike other states. As a member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, it does have a greenhouse gas emission cap for power plants.
  • 20% Renewable Energy. State law requires utilities to generate 20% of their energy from renewable sources. Municipal utilities and cooperatives may claim an exemption if they establish a green energy fund as well as a voluntary green power program.
  • Reformulated Gasoline. Just like other states with deregulated energy, Delaware encourages the use of reformulated gasoline for residents’ vehicles. This particular gasoline is an ethanol blend. 
  • Energy Efficiency Standards for new buildings. Newly built homes and commercial buildings in Delaware must meet all state Energy Efficiency Standards. Included in the standards are requirements that buildings and residential homes constructed after July 2010 must meet all energy efficiency requirements.
  • No state-based appliance efficiency standard. Other energy deregulated states have implemented strict rules for appliances, but Delaware doesn’t. Residents and businesses don’t have to meet any requirements for their appliances like freezers, coolers, and other household appliances.
  • Does not allow “decoupling.” Decoupling is removing unwanted AC distortion or oscillation in circuits. Utilities can increase their revenue without selling too much gas and electricity. Delaware does not allow decoupling; residents get all the power they currently pay for.

Energy Delivery Companies in Delaware

Delmarva Power supplies electricity to the state of Delaware. Exelon Corporation owns the company, and they are known to provide safe and reliable energy to every resident.


Contact number: 1-800-375-7117


Corporate Correspondence 

Delmarva Power 

P.O. Box 17006 

Wilmington, DE 19850-7006

Christiana District

New Castle County, DE

Delmarva Power 

P.O. Box 9239 

Newark, DE 19714-9239 

Phone: 302-454-4343 

Fax: 302-454-4262 

North East District

Cecil & Harford Counties, MD

Delmarva Power 

North East Commerce r 

2 Center Drive 

North East, MD 21901 

Phone: 800-375-5619 

Fax: 410-287-7149 

Centreville District

Delmarva Power 

P.O. Box 159 

Centreville, MD 21617-0159 

Phone: 410-758-4102 

Fax: 410-758-4140 

Millsboro District

Delmarva Power 

P.O. Box 637 

Millsboro, DE 19966-0637 

Phone: 302-934-3384 

Fax: 302-934-3306 

Salisbury District

Delmarva Power 

P.O. Box 1739 

Salisbury, MD 21802-1739 

Phone: 410-860-6357 

Fax: 410-860-6077

Map of US Energy Deregulation

Delaware is one of 26 US States that have some form of energy deregulation whether it be electricity, natural gas or both. Use our interactive map to get more information on deregulated energy states in America.

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