Energy Deregulation in Florida

  • Deregulated energy services: Only natural gas.
  • Deregulated gas service territories: Central Florida Gas (CFG).

Florida deregulated natural gas in 2002, and businesses are allowed to choose their provider. Most of the natural gas used by Florida comes from other states mostly from the Gulf Coast, since the state does not have large-scale production locally. The state’s gas network consists of four interstate pipelines and two intrastate pipelines.

The Central Florida Gas (CFG) territory has two gas providers, and one of them is assigned at random when you sign up as a new residential customer. However, you have the option of switching to the other provider, and you can submit your request by calling CFG. Additional gas provider choices are available in Florida for high-volume consumers: large commercial users, industrial users, and municipalities.

The group Citizens for Energy Choice submitted a ballot proposal to deregulate Florida’s electricity in 2020, but it was rejected by the Supreme Court. Florida uses natural gas to generate around 75% of its electricity, and kilowatt-hour prices are below the US average. The Sunshine State is the third-largest electricity consumer after Texas and California.

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