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The Current Cost of Electricity in Dallas

With a population of over 1.3 million, Dallas is the third largest city in Texas. If you consider the entire Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, the total population reaches 7.5 million. Like most cities in Texas, Dallas has access to a competitive energy market, which means you can choose your electricity provider. By switching to an electricity plan that suits your consumption habits, you can save hundreds of dollars in utility bills over time.

  • According to data from EnergySage, the average Dallas home uses 1,605 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month.
  • At 16 cents/kWh, a consumption of 1,605 kWh/month leads to a power bill of $257.

For comparison, the average electricity price in Texas is 14.49 cents/kWh, while the US average price is 16.14 cents/kWh. This is the latest data from the US Energy Information Administration as of August 2023.

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Finding the Best Electricity Prices in Dallas 

Electric prices can vary widely in a deregulated energy market such as ERCOT. Dallas electricity rate plans range from less than 10 cents/kWh to over 20 cents/kWh, depending on the type of plan and the time of the year. Generally, you can get the lowest kWh prices during spring and fall, especially if you get a fixed-rate plan with a long contract term.

  • Fixed-rate plans normally range from 6 to 60 months. Your kWh price remains fixed for the entire term, but you must pay a hefty penalty for early termination.
  • Variable-rate plans can be switched any month without penalties, but they tend to have higher prices than fixed-rate plans. Variable-rate plans tend to increase drastically in summer, and also during the colder winters.

There are three main ways to save on electricity costs in Dallas:

    • Switching to an electricity plan with lower kWh rates.
    • Reducing your consumption with energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting.
    • Generating your own electricity with solar panels or other renewable energy systems.
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Dallas Electricity Prices Over Time

The St. Louis Fed keeps track of US economic data, including energy prices in major cities. They have a chart showing average electricity prices in Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington since 1978. Electricity prices were relatively stable between 2010 and 2021, ranging from around 11 to 14 cents/kWh, but they have increased sharply since 2021:

Date June 2021 January 2022 June 2022 January 2023 June 2023
kWh Price 12.9¢ 16.1¢ 17.4¢ 17.8¢ 16.4¢

Note: The table provides average values. Your actual price can be higher or lower, depending on the electricity plan chosen.

Electric rates in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington decreased by 5.7% between June 2022 and June 2023. However, prices are still higher than in 2021 and previous years.

Other Living Costs in Dallas

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has a family budget calculator where you can estimate average living costs by city, based on the size of your household. The following table shows estimated costs for the Dallas County, considering several household sizes:

Household Size 1 Adult 2 Adults 2 Adults

1 Child

2 Adults

2 Children

Housing $978 $1,077 $1,284 $1,284
Food $250 $458 $570 $722
Child Care $0 $0 $673 $1,137
Transportation $739 $965 $1,037 $1,091
Healthcare $347 $694 $873 $1,051
Other needs $445 $556 $672 $727
Taxes $422 $490 $555 $523
TOTAL $3,180 $4,241 $5,665 $6,536

Note: According to the EPI website, this is the budget required for a modest but adequate standard of living.

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