Six Month Energy Plans in Texas

Our 6 Month Energy Plan offers a fixed energy price, so your rate will not change. A six month energy contract is suitable for renters, college students and people who don’t want a long-term electricity plan. Here is some additional information about our 6 month electricity plans in Texas:

  • The minimum balance required to start the service is $40, but you can deposit as much as you want.
  • There is no deposit and the initial payment counts towards your energy costs.
  • You can check your balance at any time using our convenient online portal.
  • Worry less with a fixed (kWh) rate for the entire six months.
  • There’s no credit check required to start today.

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Six Month Energy Plans - Information and Registration

6 Month Energy Plans: Costs at Different Consumption Levels

Even when your energy price is locked for six months, total electricity costs will still increase and decrease based on your consumption. You can expect higher bills during summer due to air conditioning, and also during winter if you use electric heating. It’s important to take measures to conserve energy when you can. 

The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) of our six month electricity plans in Texas provide estimated monthly expenses based on your energy consumption level. Here are our most current electric rates: 

Oncor Service Territory (Dallas/Ft Worth):

Monthly Energy Usage Average kWh Price Estimated Monthly Cost
500 kWh 18.9 cents $94.50
1,000 kWh 18.5 cents $185.00
2,000 kWh 15.8 cents $316.00

CenterPoint Service Territory (Houston):

Monthly Energy Usage Average kWh Price Estimated Monthly Cost
500 kWh 19.6 cents $98.00
1,000 kWh 19.2 cents $192.00
2,000 kWh 16.6 cents $332.00

Here is a breakdown of all the charges included in the prices above:

Price Breakdown Oncor Territory CenterPoint Territory
Daily Charge $1.60 per day $1.60 per day
Monthly Credit for Using 500 kWh or Less $24.00, prorated for periods of less than 30 days $24.00, prorated for periods of less than 30 days
Energy Charge 8.20 cents/kWh 8.50 cents/kWh
TDU Delivery Charge 5.0339 cents/kWh 5.4694 cents/kWh
TDU Fixed Charge $4.23 per month, prorated daily $4.39 per month, prorate daily

As mentioned above, only the energy charge remains locked during the contract term. The TDU charges are set by the Public Utility Commision of Texas (PUCT), not your electricity provider.

Additional Information About Our 6 Month Energy Plans 

Our six month prepaid electricity plan has an early termination fee of $99, which applies if you switch to another electricity provider before the end of the contract. However, you are not charged the ETF if you move to another address and show proof.

Since this is a prepaid electricity plan, we can disconnect your service if your balance falls to $0. We will send an automatic notification two days before your balance is expected to reach $0, based on your past consumption.

Generally, a half year contract makes sense if the expiration date falls on spring or fall. Texas electricity prices tend to reach their highest point in summer, and price spikes have also happened during extremely cold weather conditions such as Winter Storm Uri in February 2021. 

  • If your energy plan expires during the milder weather conditions of spring and fall, you can immediately renew your plan with a favorable rate.
  • This is not the case if your plan expires during summer or the coldest days of winter, since the plans available will have above-average rates.

Payment Options for 6 Month Energy Plans in Texas

Quick Electricity accepts three payment methods:

  • Credit Card: Available 24/7, online or via self-service IVR (Interactive Voice Response). 
  • Check or Money Order by Mail: The processing time is five business days.
  • Cash: Only available at cash payment centers.

You also have access to deferred payment plans under certain conditions:

  • If your account reaches a negative balance of $50 or more during extreme weather conditions (such as Winter Storm Uri in 2021).
  • If the Governor of Texas declares a state of disaster in your area, and the PUCT requires that electricity providers offer deferred payment plans.
  • If you were underbilled by $50 or more, and this is not caused by theft of service.

Keep in mind that deferred payment plans have a switch-hold, which means you cannot switch to another electric company until the balance is paid off.

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