Oncor Electric Rates TexasOncor Launches the 2021 Solar Incentive Program

Oncor offers several energy incentives for its customers, including a solar power program for homes and businesses. The 2021 incentive program was launched on January 20, with a total budget of $3,387,390. In 2020, Oncor provided a total of $1,905,141 for 376 residential solar installations, and $2,680,807 for 68 commercial installations.

The 2021 solar incentive budget will be $1,348,950 for the residential sector and $2,038,440 for the commercial sector, and it may be increased based on program performance. The budget was increased by $700,000 in 2020, to cover additional projects.

Congress extended the 26% federal tax credit for solar power in December 2020, and this benefit is available for both homes in business. This makes solar power even more affordable for Texan homes and businesses in the Oncor service area.

The 2021 program will be open for project applications between January 27 and April 16, and the following benefits are available:

  • Up to $8,500 for home solar systems with a capacity of 1 – 15 kW DC.
  • Up to $120,000 for commercial solar systems with a capacity of 5 – 300 kW DC.

To be eligible for Oncor incentives, solar power systems must be installed by an approved Service Provider like Prostar Energy Solutions. Oncor is the largest transmission and distribution utility in Texas, with a service territory that covers 408 communities and 98 counties, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Tyler, Odessa, Round Rock and Waco.

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