Last Updated on May 22, 2022 by Mary Pressler

Reduce Your Monthly Electric Bill by Choosing Prepaid Lights

Choosing Prepaid Electricity Over One Monthly Bill

Traditional electric bills come once a month, making it difficult to see how your consumption habits affect your expenses. Unpleasant surprises are common during the summer: electricity rates become higher, and at the same time you are using the air conditioner. Prepaid electricity billing is different.

Technically speaking, there is not a prepaid electricity bill, but smaller, more frequent payments made to keep your account active and your lights on. Choosing a prepaid light company will help you become more aware of your energy usage and help you to use less kilowatt hours by making small, but money saving changes at home.

The Benefits of Paying Electric Bills Ahead of Time

Pay as you go electricity plans work much like prepaid phone and data plans where you pay upfront, and recharge as you need to. Prepaid energy providers send daily reminders of how much you have spent. If your meter readings are higher than normal on a specific day, finding and fixing the cause is easier. On the other hand, a monthly light bill doesn’t offer these advantages. 

If you want to save even more on you prepaid light bill, try energy conservation measures and observe their effect immediately, instead of waiting for a full month. Encourage the whole family to save on energy by turning off lights, unplugging unused appliances and only using heating and air conditioning when you have to. 

A prepaid electricity plan can be compared to a savings account, while a normal postpaid plan can be compared to a credit card. There is a psychological incentive to be more frugal when you pay ahead of time, compared with using a service freely and paying later. Also, when you are only reminded of your energy consumption once per month, keeping track is more difficult. 

Using a Prepaid Electricity Account to Track and Reduce Energy Consumption 

When you open a prepaid energy account with Quick Electricity, you gain a powerful tool: the ability to check your accumulated kWh usage at anytime. 

Prepaid electricity companies rely on smart meters to provide real time data on energy usage in your house or apartment. As a Quick Electricity customer, you can access this information day or night in our online client portal.

To save even more on your prepaid bill, make small efforts at home.

A DIY Home Energy Audit Can Greatly Lower Your Prepaid Invoice

To uncover more savings on your prepaid electric statement, do a quick home energy audit on your own. You can also create a list of your home appliances and take note of your daily usage. There is no need to be 100% accurate, and there is no need to track all your devices either. In general you should focus on devices that provide heating or cooling, and motor devices like ceiling fans and pumps. Lighting can also consume plenty of power, but only the lights that are used most of the day. 

Ditch Your Electric Bill and Prepay Instead

Remember, with prepaid electricity billing, you get to observe your daily consumption and analyze how you are using your power. If you spend more than normal on a single day, finding the energy sucker is much easier

Switching to prepaid energy service is simple and hassle-free. Since you’re paying in advance for your electricity, you don’t owe a deposit and bad credit does not matter. Enroll in Quick Prepaid Electricity today and be connected in minutes. It’s contract free!

“I have a 3,5oo square foot house in Texas and I use prepaid electricity to stay within the my budget. With children, you’re constantly turning off lights, unplugging devices and shutting off the tv. I look forward to getting my account updates each day. One quick glance gives me peace of mind in knowing we aren’t over-spending on power.”  – Marta