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The Latest Smart Home Innovations

At the most recent CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show), technology companies unveiled their latest smart home products. One of the most promising innovations being introduced is Matter, an open-source connectivity standard for smart home devices.

  • Matter allows compatibility among different platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit.
  • Matter also allows connectivity among services using different standards such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE and Wi-Fi.
  • Homeowners will no longer need multiple apps and passwords to manage their smart devices, since Matter acts as a “common language”.

The Matter protocol is still work-in-progress, but it has major potential. The lack of compatibility between smart home devices is currently one of the main barriers slowing down their adoption. Here we will discuss six of the most promising smart home innovations for 2023, many of which were introduced in the latest CES.

1) Samsung Bespoke AI Oven

The Samsung Bespoke AI Oven can recommend dishes based on the ingredients currently available at home. The AI Oven is also compatible with SmartThings Cooking, which offers a wide selection of recipes that can be customized according to dietary preferences. For example, you can configure SmartThings Cooking for a gluten-free or vegetarian diet.

Used in combination, SmartThings Cooking and the Bespoke AI Oven can help you generate shopping lists automatically. The AI Oven can also integrate with Samsung Health, recommending dishes and helping you plan meals according to your fitness goals.

Smart Home Innovations

Source: Samsung

2) LG tiiun: Indoor Gardening Appliance

The LG tiiun is an indoor gardening cabinet with automatic watering, lighting and climate control. You can use the LG tiiun to grow your own flowers and crops at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. By providing optimal conditions for each seed, the LG tiiun can help you grow popular greens at home in only 4-8 weeks.

The LG tiiun was first presented at the CES 2022, where it was the Innovation Award Winner. Its name comes from the Korean word “tiiun”, which means “to sprout”.

Smart Home Innovations

3) LG ARTCOOL Gallery

The LG ARTCOOL Gallery is both a high-efficiency air conditioner and a digital art gallery. Thanks to its dual-inverter compressor, the LG ARTCOOL Gallery uses 70% less electricity than a traditional AC. The unit also has a 3-way indirect airflow design, providing uniform cooling.

Instead of having a window AC or mini-split evaporator on your wall, you have a 27-inch LCD screen. The LG ARTCOOL Gallery can be used to display static or animated digital art, or even personalized content such as family pictures. Like many other LG appliances, it is compatible with the LG ThinQ mobile app.

Smart Home Innovations

4) GE Cync Under Cabinet Lighting

GE Lighting has launched LED under cabinet fixtures as part of Cync, their smart lighting product line. LED strips are often used as a replacement for older under cabinet lights, but many of them are not designed for that particular application.

GE Lighting has recognized this market need, and they have developed flat LED panels that are specifically designed for under cabinet lighting. These new fixtures have built-in screws to simplify their installation, and they have many wiring options:

  • Plugged into a wall outlet
  • Daisy-chained to other fixtures
  • Hardwired to an existing circuit

Smart Home Innovations

5) GE Profile Smart Mixer

The GE Profile Smart Mixer can monitor the texture and viscosity of doughs and batters, making sure they are mixed exactly as required by each recipe. The Smart Mixer has an automatic shut-off feature that activates exactly when needed, preventing undermixing and overmixing. The unit is also compatible with voice control via Alexa or Google.

The GE Profile Smart Mixer received an Innovation Award at the CES 2023.

Smart Home Innovations

6) LG PuriCare Aero Furniture

The LG PuriCare Aero Furniture improves your indoor air quality. The device uses a HEPA filter to capture dust and other air pollutants, and UV technology to kill viruses and bacteria. The top of the LG PuriCare can be used as a table, and it includes a wireless smartphone charger and color-adjustable lighting. Like many other LG smart devices, the PuriCare is compatible with the LG ThinQ mobile app.

 LG PuriCare Aero Furniture

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