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10 Sun Powered Gadgets Designed to Make Life Easy and Fun 

Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to harness sun energy. Sun charged inventions have come a long way since the first solar engine that powered a printing press in 1882. Today’s devices are not only novel, but highly functional and in some cases, life saving.

Solar operated products not only conserve energy, but lower electric bills too. Check out our latest finds:

Solar Camping Light

Solar Camping Gadgets 

1. Weatherproof Solar Powered Lighting

This solar camping light from AKASO can provide up to 16 hours of lighting when fully charged, and it also includes a Bluetooth speaker and smartphone charging ports. It has 8 color modes, including while light and 7 RGB colors. You can use it not only for camping, but also for outdoor gatherings and even during blackouts.

The AKASO camping light can recharge fully with its built-in solar panel. However, it also includes a USB port for faster recharging when a power supply is available. The camping light has an IP66 enclosure that withstands dust and water splashing, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its design is compact and portable, measuring 6.7 x 6.7 x 1.6 in when folded, and having a weight of only 8 oz (228 g). When unfolded, the camping light has a size of 6.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 in.

2. Multi-Function Solar Charging Station

The ERRBBIC solar power bank is compatible with many smartphone and tablet brands, and it can generate its own charge with a built-in solar panel (5W, 1.5V). The 20,000 mAh lithium polymer battery can charge other devices multiple times, before needing its own recharge. The charger has a dual USB port, which means you can recharge two devices at once.

The ERRBBIC charger is also equipped with two potent LED lights, which means you can use it as a flashlight. The device also includes a USB port for faster recharging when a power outlet is available. Thanks to its compact 6x 3.34×0.68 in size and its 306 g weight, the solar charger can be easily carried around, and its housing is dustproof and waterproof.

3. Portable Solar Refrigerator and Freezer

According to the US Energy Information Administration, refrigerators consume 7% of the electricity used by homes. The LionCooler X50A from ACOPOWER has a capacity of 52 quarts (50 liters), and it can be used as either a cooler or freezer. It has a rechargeable and replaceable battery with a capacity of 15,600 mAh and three charging options: AC power supply, 12V car charging, or a 12V 120W solar panel. The unit measures 25.1 in x 15.9 in x 22.8 in, while having a weight of 34 lb.

  • With a fully charged battery, you have 12 hours of cooling at a temperature setting of 32°F (0°C). The battery is easily replaceable, which means you can carry additional charged units as backup.
  • When using your car or the solar panel under full sunlight, the typical recharging period is 4 hours.

The LionCooler X50A has a quick cooling mode, which reaches 10°F within 40 minutes. The cooler has a power consumption of only 35W, and it uses fluoride-free insulation. The compressor has a 2-year warranty, while the solar fridge and its accessories have a 1-year warranty.

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Sun Powered Yard Essentials  

Solar Pool and Tree Lights, Globes, Color Changing4. Whimsical Pool Lighting

These globe pool lights recharge automatically with a built-in solar panel, and they stay on for up to 8 hours when fully charged. Their IP68 housing is dust-tight, waterproof and sturdy; they can be tossed around without suffering damage. They also have a weighted bottom, which means they will not be blown away by the wind. Just keep in mind they are not designed to be used as beach balls.

These globe lights have a diameter of 14”, and their lighting color changes automatically between red, blue, green and white. You can also use them as decoration outside of pools, for example by hanging them from trees. They only weigh 1 lb (0.45 kg) each, and they can recharge fully with 6-7 hours of sunlight.

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5. Affordable Solar Heating Option for Above-Ground Pools 

The Fafco solar pool heater is an environmentally friendly option for above-ground swimming pools. A solar collector is used to convert sunlight into heat, which is then delivered evenly to the pool water using the SunSaver Heating System.

  • The heating system has a special flow chamber, which improves circulation and heating efficiency.
  • This prevents a mix of hot and cold spots, keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature.

The Fafco SunSaver Heating system connects directly to your pool’s filtration system. The heating panel has a size of 12×4 feet, and can be mounted on the ground or rooftop. This solar heater eliminates the electricity cost of keeping your pool warm, and you will only need power for the pumping system.

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9’ x 12’ patio umbrella has built-in solar panels and LED lights

6. Solar Patio Umbrellas  

This 9’ x 12’ patio umbrella has built-in solar panels and LED lights, which means you can install them anywhere without wiring. The umbrella has a double-top design: it accomplishes the basic function of shading and cover, while generating its own charge for the LEDs.

The umbrella has an adjustable height and opening angle, operated with a crank lift handle, and it can rotate 360° around its mast. It has an aluminum pole with anti-oxidation paint and 8 steel ribs, and a polyester water-repellent canopy that resists UV rays  (UPF 50) and fading. There are two base options, with and without wheels.

The PURPLE LEAF Patio Umbrella has a 3-year warranty, and it has been designed for both residential and commercial settings.

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Garmin Instinct can recharge itself with solar power,Solar Powered Tactical Tools 

7. The Only Smartwatch You Need

This tactical smartwatch from Garmin Instinct can recharge itself with solar power, and it has a tough casing made of fiber-reinforced polymer. The watch comes with many tactical features that are useful when you’re out in the wild or practicing extreme sports. The 53g smartwatch has a 0.9×0.9 in display with a 128×128 pixel resolution, its dimensions are 45x45x15.3 in, and it fits wrists from 132 to 224 mm (5.2 to 8.8 in).

The Garmin Instinct solar tactical smartwatch can operate for 24 days with a full charge, and up to 54 days with solar recharging. Its tactical features include dual-format GPS, waypoints, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, altimeter, barometer, compass, and built-in apps for specific sports. The smartwatch can also synchronize with your phone and send automatic notifications.

waterproof solar flashlights

8. Long Life Solar Flashlight 

The tactical flashlight from Delxo uses LEDs for maximum battery life, while having a built-in solar panel and cellphone charger. The flashlight has seven operating modes and a beam range of up to 700 feet, and its aluminum alloy body is shock and water resistant. The flashlight also has a compass, which is useful when camping or hiking. It also includes a safety cutter that can be used for thick ropes, branches, and even jammed seat belts.

The Delxo tactical flashlight has a 2,000 mAh battery that recharges with solar power or via USB, and operates for 4-7 hours with a full charge. The flashlight can also be used as a power bank, transferring charge to your smartphone in an emergency. Thanks to its powerful built-in magnet, you can attach the flashlight to your car or other metallic surfaces, and use it as a work light.

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Solar Home Security 

9. Save Electricity with Solar Lighting

The solar lighting fixture from BRIMMEL recharges with a built-in pv panel, which means you can use it outdoors with no wiring. The lamp operates for up to 10 hours when its 2,600 mAh battery is fully charged, while only needing 6-8 daylight hours to recharge.

  • The solar panel is monocrystalline, to ensure high efficiency when charging the battery.
  • There is no need to switch the solar lamp on, and it has two automatic options: switching on in the dark with its photocell, or when someone approaches within the range of its motion sensor.

The BRIMMEL solar fixture has a light output of 600 lumens and a warm color of 3000K, equivalent to a conventional 60W bulb. Thanks to its IP44 rated aluminum housing, the solar light can be used in outdoor locations like gardens, garages, patios and yards. The light fixture dimensions are 5.6 x 5.6 x 10.6 inches, and its weight is 2.57 lb.

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About Solar Powered Home Security

10. The Solar SecurityDevices Every Home Should Have 

The Blink Outdoor security camera is solar-powered and wireless, and it offers 1080p HD daytime video and infrared night vision, with a framerate of up to 30 fps. The camera can also capture images, which are stored in a 640 x 360 resolution.

  • The camera also includes two-way audio, which means you can hear visitors and speak to them with the Blink Home Monitor app.
  • It also has a motion sensor for improved detection, and you can configure automatic alerts for your smartphone. 
  • Although the camera has its own app, it also offers compatibility with Alexa.

The Blink Outdoor solar camera has a size of  71 x 71 x 31 mm and a weight of 48g, while the solar panel mount has 140 x 111 x 100 mm dimensions and a weight of 329g. The camera can operate at temperatures from -4°F to 113°F, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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