Electricity Choice in Houston, Texas 

In 1999, Texas began deregulating electricity markets throughout its cities. This resulted in more competitive electric rates in Houston which also means a larger, sometimes overwhelming, amount of energy providers and plans for consumers to sift through when looking for an electricity plan.

At Quick Electricity, we’ve selected the best electricity plans for our Houston clients, and we’ve broken down the different kinds of offers so you don’t have to find, compare, and interpret plans on your own.

Since we work with a number of different energy providers in Houston, you still have the ability to make the final decision yourself, without starting your search from scratch.

Houston Electricity Plans – The Best in Texas

Shopping for electricity in Houston? Quick Electricity offers a variety of short and long term residential plans for Texans. Lock in our lowest prices for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time or pay-as-you-go.

Like freebies?  The most popular electricity deals in Houston include complimentary Google Home Hubs, Nest thermostats, and even free nights and weekends electricity

Here’s our top picks for Houston electricity plans in 2020:

Month to Month Electricity with No Deposit

If you move around a lot or don’t like the idea of a contract, try month to month electricity service.  There’s no contract required, so disconnect anytime.

Favorite month to month electricity plans in Houston include:

Fixed Rate Plans 

Lock in today’s lowest energy rate before prices go up. Choose a 6, 12, 24 or 36 month term plan with the best energy providers in Houston. 

Ready to shop? Compare Electricity Plans in Houston.

Green Electricity Plans

Going green? Select a home energy plan with 100% renewables. After all, Texas produces the most wind power of any other state in the US.

Customized or Build Your Own

Prepaid Electricity in Houston

Have you been denied electric service or asked to pay a deposit? Many of us struggle financially and can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the lights on. If you have $29 and an address, you can have power today, sometimes within the hour.

Read more about Texas prepaid electricity or open a new account now.