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Generac Power Generators: An Overview

Generac Power Systems is one of the best-known power generator brands in the market. Founded in 1959, Generac was the first provider of affordable backup power systems for homes. The company has traditionally offered two types generators:

  • Dual-fuel LPG/natural gas generators
  • Diesel generators

Since 2019, Generac also offers the PWRcell home battery, a fully-electric alternative to their conventional generators. The PWRcell can be combined with solar panels to achieve a 24/7 electricity source that is independent from the local power grid.

In this article, learn more about the most current Generac models and what you should buy based on your needs:

a guide to choosing the best generac generator for your needs

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Best Generac Power Generators for Homes

Generac Guardian Series: 10 – 26 kW Generators

The Generac Guardian Series is a popular product line for home generators. These generators come in sizes ranging from 10 to 26 kilowatts, and they can operate with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Here is a list of the generator sizes available and their rated power output when using each fuel:

Generac Generator Model Engine LPG Rated Power and Fuel Usage Natural Gas Rated Power and Fuel Usage
Generac 7171 (Generator Only):

Best for powering electronics, lights, tv, refrigerators, central air

7172 (Includes 100 Amp Switch)

460cc 10 kW (41.7 A)

54 cu.ft. / hr

9 kW (37.5 A)

127 cu.ft. / hr

Generac 7223 (Generator Only):

Best for long power outages in extreme weather

7224 (Includes 100 Amp Switch)

7225 (Includes 200 Amp Switch)

816cc 14 kW (58.3 A)

112 cu.ft. / hr

14 kW (58.3 A)

256 cu.ft. / hr

Generac 7226 (Generator Only):

Best for backup electricity in seconds

7228 (Includes 200 Amp Switch)

816cc 18 kW (75.0 A)

110 cu.ft. / hr

17 kW (70.8 A)

247 cu.ft. / hr

Generac 7042 (Generator Only):

Best for whole house electricity for long periods of time

7043 (Includes 200 Amp Switch)

999cc 22 kW (91.7 A)

142 cu.ft. / hr

19.5 kW (81.3 A)

306 cu.ft. / hr

7209 (Generator Only):

Best generator to protect your home in a power outage

7210 (Includes 200 Amp Switch)

999cc 24 kW (100 A)

142 cu.ft. / hr

21 kW (87.5 A)

306 cu.ft. / hr

7290 (Generator Only):

Generac’s largest air-cooled home power generator

7291 (Includes 200 Amp Switch)

999cc 26 kW (108.3 A)

132 cu.ft. / hr

22.5 kW (93.8 A)

333 cu.ft. / hr

There are some common specifications that apply for all Generac Guardian generators:

  • 48” x 25” x 29” aluminum enclosure
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • 120/240V rated voltage
  • 3,600 RPM Generac G-Force pressure-lubricated engine
  • 5-year warranty
  • Mobile Link
  • Less than 5% THD (total harmonic distortion), suitable for electronic devices
  • Multilingual LCD screen

All models have the same size, but their weight ranges from 338 lb (10 kW) to 518 lb (26 kW).

Generac also offers the Mobile Link app, which lets you access the generator remotely through a smartphone or computer. Mobile Link provides live notifications about the status of your generator and its maintenance needs

Generac Guardian Prices

Generac Guardian generators have the following MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price):

Generator Model Key Features MSRP
Model 7171  10 kW, no ATS $3,279.00
Model 7172 10 kW, 100A ATS $3,879.00
Model 7223 14 kW, no ATS $4,199.00
Model 7224 14 kW, 100A ATS $4,797.00
Model 7225 14 kW, 200A ATS $4,899.00
Model 7226 18 kW, no ATS $4,939.00
Model 7228 18 kW, 200A ATS $5,769.00
Model 7042 22 kW, no ATS $5,499.00
Model 7043 22 kW, 200A ATS $6,279.00
Model 7209 24 kW, no ATS $5,869.00
Model 7210 24 kW, 200A ATS $6,529.00
Model 7290 26 kW, no ATS $6,329.00
Model 7291 26 kW, 200A ATS $7,139.00

*ATS = Automatic Transfer Switch

When a backup generator is equipped with an ATS, your home is switched automatically from grid power to generator power during a blackout. There is no need for manual switching.

Best Power Generator for a Small Business

Generac Guardian 20 kW 3-Phase Generator

Generac also offers a 3-phase 20kW Guardian Generator. Three-phase power is not normally used in homes, but this generator can be a good option for small commercial buildings using a three-phase voltage supply.

  • Model Number = 7077
  • Rated Voltage = 208V
  • Rated Power = 20 kW (69.4 A) with LPG, 17 kW (59.0 A) with natural gas
  • Engine Displacement = 999cc
  • Fuel Consumption at Full Load = 307 cu.ft. NG/hour or 130 cu.ft. LPG/hour
  • Dimensions = 48” x 25” x 29”
  • Weight = 466 lb
  • MSRP = $5,599.00

This generator includes all the features available in the single-phase Generac Guardian models: weatherproof aluminum enclosure, LCD screen, G-Force engine, Mobile Link app, and 5-year warranty coverage.

Best Power Generator for Home Essentials

Generac PowerPact 7.5 kW Generator

The Generac PowerPact is a smaller dual-fuel generator with a rated power of 7.5 kW. The PowerPact includes a 50A transfer switch and a load center for up to 8 circuits, equipped with circuit breakers. This Generac generator is a good emergency power supply for home essentials such as refrigerators, some appliances and furnaces. 

  • Model Number = 6998
  • Rated Voltage = 120/240V
  • Rated Power = 7.5 kW (32.25 A) with LPG, 6 kW (25 A) with natural gas
  • Engine Displacement = 420cc
  • Fuel Consumption at Full Load = 117 cu.ft. NG/hour or 51.6 cu.ft. LPG/hour
  • Dimensions = 36” x 27” x 25”
  • Weight = 280 lb
  • MSRP = $2,049.00

As you can see, the PowerPact is much more affordable than the Guardian Series generators, which range from $3,279.00 to $7,139.00. The PowerPact is also around 30% smaller. However, it has a shorter 3-year warranty.

The Generac PowerPact has a galvanneal steel enclosure, which is rust resistant and sound attenuated. This generator model does not include the Mobile Link app, but it comes with a local wireless remote monitor.

Best Off-Grid Electricity Generator

Generac EcoGen 15 kW Generator

The Generac EcoGen is specifically designed to operate off-grid for extended periods – along with alternative energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines with battery storage. The EcoGen is designed for 500-hour maintenance intervals, five times longer than the 100-hour industry standard. 

  • Model Number = 7163
  • Rated Voltage = 120/240V
  • Rated Power = 15 kW (62.5 A) with both fuels – LPG or natural gas
  • Engine Displacement = 999cc
  • Fuel Consumption at Full Load = 278 cu.ft. NG/hour or 100 cu.ft. LPG/hour
  • Dimensions = 48” x 25” x 29”
  • Weight = 460 lb
  • MSRP = $4,964.00

In terms of external appearance, the Generac EcoGen is similar to the Guardian Series. Both products have powder-coated aluminum enclosures with the same dimensions. The EcoGen has a warranty that covers 3 years or 2,000 hours of use, whichever happens first.

The EcoGen is designed to operate along with battery systems charged with solar panels or wind turbines. Once the battery charge drops to a specified level, the EcoGen switches on automatically to provide electricity for your home. The EcoGen can also be used to recharge your battery system directly when there is no sun or wind.

The main features of the Guardian Series are also included in the EcoGen generator: G-Force engine, less than 5% THD, Mobile Link connectivity, and multilingual LCD screen.

Best Electricity Backup for Large Homes

Generac Protector Series

Generac Protector Series generators are larger and more expensive, exceeding the backup power needs of most homes. They are better suited for small and medium businesses, or very large homes. Protector generators are subclassified into three product lines:

Product Line Sizes Available (kW) Price Range (MSRP)
Protector 25, 30, 36, 45, 48, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130, 150 kW $11,629 – $38,269
Protector QS (Quiet Source) 22, 27, 32, 38 kW $11,219 – $15,499
Protector Diesel 15, 20, 30 kW $13,709 – $17,329

Note: These prices don’t include an automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Generac Portable Generators

Generac also offers a wide selection of portable generators. Their product offering includes lightweight and portable generators that are suitable for camping trips.

Generac Portable Generators Price Range (MSRP) Description
GB Series $899 (GB1000)

$1,599 (GB2000)

Fully electric portable power stations, with a rechargeable battery and built-in power outlets.

Sizes = 1600W/1086Wh and 1600W/2106Wh

iQ3500 $1,199 Portable 3,500W gasoline generator.
GP Series $529 – $4,399 Portable gasoline generators, available in multiple sizes from 2,200 to 18,000 W.
RS8000E $1,179 Portable 8,000W gasoline generator.
XD5000E $4,019 Portable 5,000W diesel generator.
XT8500EFI $1,499 Portable 8,500W gasoline generator with electronic fuel injection.

Most of these generators are not large enough to power an entire home, but they can provide electricity for several small appliances at once.

Generac PWRcell Home Battery

Generac has traditionally focused on fuel-fired generators. However, the Generac PWRcell is a fully-electric backup power system with the following specifications:

  • Battery chemistry: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC)
  • Energy storage capacity: 9kWh / 12kWh / 15kWh / 18kWh versions available
  • Round-trip efficiency: 96.5%
  • Recommended ambient temperature: 32°F – 104°F

The Generac PWRcell uses battery modules with a power output of 1.5 kW and a storage capacity of 3 kWh. There are four configurations available, ranging from 3 to 6 modules:

Generac PWRcell Model Power Output and Storage Capacity
PWRcell M3 (3 modules) 4.5 kW / 9.0 kWh
PWRcell M4 (4 modules) 6.0 kW / 12.0 kWh
PWRcell M5 (5 modules) 7.5 kW / 15.0 kWh
PWRcell M6 (6 modules) 9.0 kW / 18.0 kWh

*All PWRcell versions use a 22” x 10” x 68” cabinet, regardless of the number of modules.

The basic Generac PWRcell (4.5 kW / 9.5 kWh) has an MSRP of $12,435. According to the PWRcell Buyer’s Guide, the final installed price can reach $18,000. The PWRcell qualifies for the 30% Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit, which means you get back around $5,400 as a tax deduction.

Generac also makes the 7.6-kW PWRcell hybrid inverter, which can connect simultaneously to a solar panel system and up to two PWRcell cabinets. With this configuration, you can reach a total battery capacity of 36 kWh.

The Generac PWRcell is covered by a 10-year warranty, limited by a maximum energy throughput of 7,560 kWh per module. In other words, the warranty ends before 10 years if you have charged and discharged 7,560 kWh per module.

  • For example, the basic PWRcell M3 gets warranty coverage for a maximum throughput of 22,680 kWh.
  • This increases by 7,560 kWh per each module added.

If the 9.0-kWh PWRcell is charged and discharged at full capacity each day, 22,680 kWh is equivalent to 2,520 cycles – or 6.9 years.

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