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Who Provides Electricity to My Address?

The easiest way to find your local electric company is by using our address search. Setting up electric utilities for the first time in Texas is different because of energy deregulation. Some addresses are tied to a single electricity company, while others have a choice in energy providers. It all depends on where you live. 

Using your street address, Quick Electricity can connect you to the electric company nearest to you, display the most current prices and guide you through registration. It’s that simple.

What Utility Company Services My Address? 

There are 5 main electric utility providers in Texas: Oncor, Center Point, AEP North, AEP Central and TNMP. Learn more about your local TDU.

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New Address? Find an Electric Company Near You.

Moving in? Let Quick Electricity deliver power to your address. From Dallas to Corpus and Houston to Odessa, we serve over 400 cities with the Power to Choose. No matter where you reside, we provide the most affordable residential electricity to most Texas addresses.

The bottom line is that you don’t need a confusing website to find a light company in Texas. With your address in hand, you can easily register with a new energy supplier in minutes. Switch Today.

Electric Utility Providers by Address- Utility Provider Lookup by Address

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