Compare Lubbock Electricity Plans and Providers

Comparing Lubbock electricity providers is easy with Quick Electricity. Whether you want  fixed rate electricity, or prefer to pay-as-you-go, we’ve got a great deal for everyone living in and around the Hub City.   

Lubbock Electricity: Providers, Plans, Rates and General Information about Energy Deregulation

About Lubbock Electricity Plans 

There are a few important things you should know when choosing an electricity plan in Lubbock. Before deregulation, there was only one electric company with established energy rates. From 2024 onwards, your power bills not only depend on your consumption, but also on your electricity plan. A good choice can lower your monthly power bills, but the opposite is also true: a poor choice can make your bills much higher.

Electricity providers have different requirements for customers. For example, some may request a credit check or initial deposit before you join, but there are also electricity plans without these requirements.

Thanks to energy deregulation,  Lubbock residents can take advantage of competing energy companies and money saving promotions. Quick Electricity offers a variety of Lubbock electricity plans for your house or apartment including month to month, long term fixed rates, and free nights and weekends electricity.

What Are the Different Types of Lubbock Electricity Plans?

Before chosing a Lubbock electricity provider, you should get familiarized with the types of energy plans available:

Type of Electricity Plan Brief Description – Pros and Cons
Fixed-Rate Plan You sign a contract that normally lasts from six to 60 months and your energy price is fixed during this period. The delivery fee from the local utility may change, but not your energy cost.

Pros: You don’t have to worry about rising energy costs because your kWh price is locked. Being on a fixed-rate plan is very helpful during summer, since electricity prices increase due to the high demand caused by air conditioning.

Cons: There is a financial penalty if you switch to another plan before the agreed contract term. In addition, these electricity plans normally require a credit check and/or upfront deposit.

Variable-Rate Plan Your electric tariff is adjusted each month based on market conditions, at the discretion of your electricity provider. These plans normally have a month-to-month contract.

Pros: Variable-rate plans tend to have simpler requirements for customers and you can switch at any time without penalties.

Cons: Since there is no contract term, your electric tariff can change without warning. Electricity consumers with variable-rate plans tend to get much higher bills during summer.

Indexed-Rate Plan Similar to a variable-rate plan, but energy prices are calculated with a predefined formula – not at the provider’s discretion.

Pros: Same advantages as variable-rate plans.

Cons: Same disadvantages as variable-rate plans.

Prepaid Electricity Plans You purchase electricity in advance and your consumption is discounted from your balance. Prepaid electricity plans are available in fixed-rate and variable-rate versions.

Pros: There are no surprises at the end of the month since you know exactly how much is being spent. Prepaid electricity plans don’t require a credit check and upfront deposit.

Cons: Prepaid electricity plans tend to have higher tariffs than traditional fixed-rate plans. Your service is interrupted if your balance drops to $0, but the companies who offer these plans send automatic notifications when your balance is getting low.

You can now find a wide variety of electricity plans in Lubbock, with unique terms and conditions. However, most plans tend to fall into the general categories described above.

Lubbock Electricity Plans: Our Recomendations

It might surprise you to know there are 140 electricity retailers in Texas, and some of them have multiple business names. All Retail Electric Providers, or REPs, must complete a lengthy approval process with the Public Utilities Commision of Texas (PUCT). That being said, not all Texas REPs are operating in Lubbock at this time. 

When choosing a Lubbock electricity plan, we recommend Chariot Energy or  Frontier Utilities, both long standing, top rated electricity providers in Texas. Since 2008, Frontier Utilities has touted the most popular residential electricity plans with affordable kWh rates and simple contract terms with “no gotchas”. If you’re shopping electric plans in Lubbock, take a look at what Quick Electricity has to offer:

"Saver Plus" 12 or 24 Month Plan
  • Low Cost Energy with No Gimmicks
  • Get a $125 Usage Credit at 1000 kWh!
  • Provided by Frontier Utilites
  • PUCT # 10169
Choose This Plan
"Frontier 36" 3 Year Plan
  • Lock in a Low, Fixed Energy Rate, Long Term!
  • No Monthly Base or Minimum Usage Fee
  • Provided by Frontier Utilities
  • PUCT # 10169
Choose This Plan
"Solarize 36" 3 Year Plan
  • Secure Todays Price for 36 Months!
  • Most Suitable for a Long Term Resident
  • Provided by Chariot Energy
  • PUCT # 10260
Choose This Plan
"Solarize 24" 2 Year Plan
  • Fixed Energy Price with No Hidden Fees
  • 100% Lubbock Renewable Electricity
  • Provided by Chariot Energy
  • PUCT # 10260
Choose This Plan

What Happens if I Don’t Choose a Lubbock Electricity Plan?

Lubbock residents who don’t choose an electricity provider plan are assigned to one of the default providers listed on the LP&L website. In other words, you don’t have the option of staying with LP&L. They are now fully dedicated to operating the local grid – they deliver electricity from retail providers but don’t sell it directly.

Default electricity plans tend to be more expensive, compared with many of the options you can find in the market. For this reason, Quick Electricity recommends choosing your plan directly. If you rely on the default options, you are missing out on lower electric tariffs.

Lubbock Electricity Providers

Since the beginning of Texas energy deregulation in 2005, hundreds of electricity providers have flooded the internet leaving many confused and frustrated when buying electricity online.

Quick Electricity has partnered with the best, most reliable electric companies in Texas, to ensure cheap electricity rates and five star service for all of our customers.

Direct Energy, Payless Power, Frontier Utilities and First Choice Power are top rated light companies that offer flexible energy plans, affordable electric rates and even free electricity deals in Lubbock.

Get to know some Texas electricity companies. 

Texas Electricity Companies

Retail Electricity Providers and Energy Brokers: What is the Difference?

Now that Lubbock has deregulated electricity, you will notice there are both retail electricity providers (REP) and energy brokers in the market. These terms can be easily confused at first, but there is an important difference:

  • REPs sell you electricity. They purchase energy in bulk from the hundreds of power plants operating in Texas, and sell this energy in smaller amounts to homes and businesses. They operate similar to supermarkets, who purchase groceries in bulk and resell them to customers in smaller amounts.
  • Energy brokers like Quick Electricity can be compared with “real estate agents” who help you choose energy plans instead of homes. With their help, you can find the best option according to your consumption habits and payment preferences. Energy brokers can also help you understand the technical language, contract terms and fees that come with each electricity plan.

How to Avoid Scams When Comparing Lubbock Electricity Providers

Being able to choose your electricity provider comes with many advantages, but you must also be aware of potential scams. Remember that all electricity retailers and energy brokers are approved by the PUCT – you should avoid anyone who is not listed on their website.

  • REPs and energy brokers often operate under several names. Alternative names are listed at the PUCT as “DBA” names, which stands for “Doing Business As”.
  • For example, we are registered as PRESSLER ENERGY LLC with the PUCT, and Quick Electricity is our DBA name.

Using the PUCT website, you can filter out any companies who are not approved as retailers or brokers. However, even some of the approved providers offer electricity plans with confusing terms and conditions. For example, some electricity providers have plans with “free nights” or “free weekends”, but they cover this by charging a very high tariff outside of the free schedule.

The PUCT requires an “Electricity Facts Label” or EFL for all electricity plans offered in Texas. When comparing energy plans, take the time to read the EFL. Some of the advertised tariffs can seem like an excellent deal, but you should never make a decision without reading the fine print!

Note that scammers may use fake uniforms, letterheads or email addresses. They often demand payment under the argument that you owe money. Keep in mind that electricity providers have established payment methods, and they normally have an online platform where you can check your account.

You can report scammers with the City of Lubbock Utilities by calling 806-775-2509.

Lubbock Electricity Ads: Are They Legit?

Since retail electric providers can now compete in Lubbock, you can expect to see plenty of advertisement. This includes TV ads and billboards, but also door knockers and direct mail.

You can do a quick background check of any electric company or broker by looking them up at the PUCT website:

Alphabetical Directory of Retail Electric Providers

Alphabetical Directory of Brokers

Lubbock Power and Light Rates 

Before deregulation, LP&L was the only electricity provider in Lubbock. Now that energy choice is available, you purchase electricity from a retailer while LP&L is only in charge of the grid. This means that Lubbock power and light rates are split into two main charges:

  • Energy charge, paid to your chosen electricity retailer.
  • Delivery charge, paid to LP&L.

Since all electricity providers depend on the local grid, all their plans include the delivery charge. In the case of LP&L, the delivery charges depend on whether you own solar panels:

LP&L Charges Home without solar panels Home with solar panels
Availability Charge $0.00 per month $30.00 per month
Delivery System Charge $0.05780 per kWh $0.02780 per kWh
Transition Charge $0.00662 per kWh $0.00662 per kWh

These are called TDU fees, which stands for “transmission and distribution utility”. They are charged by the local utility company regardless of your electricity plan, since all providers use the same grid infrastructure to sell energy.

Choose Quick Electricity in Lubbock

Lubbock Electricity Plans for Businesses

Let us power your business. Quick Electricity offers a variety of electricity plans for every Texas business, big or small. We’ve partnered with top rated energy providers to give our customers the lowest pricing on commercial energy. Need it fast? We can give you a quote today.

Learn more about deregulated business electricity in Lubbock.

Lubbock Electricity Plans for Solar Owners 

One of the best ways to save money on electricity is to go solar. Homes and businesses in Lubbock are highly suitable for harnessing sunlight and making money off of excess energy. There are many solar buyback programs in Texas from leading electric providers in Texas such as TXU, Reliant and Green Mountain Energy.