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The Best Electric Companies in Houston 

Did you know that there are almost 100 retail energy providers operating in Texas? With so many choices in Houston electric companies, we’ve made it our mission to ease your search by narrowing it down to 3 easy choices

At Quick Electricity, we’re experts in Texas energy. Over the last 9 years, we’ve seen power companies come and go, but have maintained strong partnerships with the most reliable, financially stable, environmentally aware and community focused brands in the state.

Based on our research and historical data in the city of Houston, our recommendations for best electric companies are as follows:

  • Payless Power 
  • Frontier Utilities 
  • ProStar Energy Solutions 

Payless Power – Top Prepaid Electric Company in Houston

Best energy company for someone renting in the Houston area

  • Established 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Company Focus: Affordable, same day prepaid electricity for all Texans
  • Rate Types: 12 month fixed rate, variable rate, month-to-month
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

New customers in the Houston area can switch to Payless Power today for only $40 down, no credit check, contract or additional deposit required. Payless Power accepts credit card payments over the phone, online or at MoneyGram Houston TX.

Call Payless Power at 1-877-509-8946 or visit them online.

Frontier Utilities – Low Rate Electric Provider in Houston 

Best power company for a homeowner 

  • Established 2008 in Houston, Texas 
  • Company Focus: Affordable electricity rate plans with simple, honest terms 
  • Rate Types: Long term fixed, short term fixed, variable options, monthly billing  
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+ 

To choose Frontier as your Houston light company, register online or give them a call. Most new connections can happen within a day.

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ProStar Energy Solutions

Learn More About ProStar Energy Services

ProStar Energy Solutions – For Commercial Electricity in Houston 

Best choice for business energy procurement in Texas 

  • Established 2019 in Frisco, Texas 
  • Company Focus: Business electricity, Commercial building energy efficiency, Solar Project Management
  • Rate Types: Fixed, Variable, Market 

For competitively priced commercial electricity in Houston, contact ProStar Energy Solutions today. 

Map of Electric Utility Companies in Texas

Learn more about CenterPoint, the largest electric utility company in Texas

CenterPoint- Transmission and Delivery Utility Company in Houston

The Transmission and Delivery Utility (TDU) in Houston, Texas is Center Point Energy. CenterPoint delivers power to your home and therefore collects a small fee from your monthly light bill. Your chosen electricity company, such as Payless or Frontier, works with your TDU to turn your power on and off.

Your local TDU is determined by the city in which you live, so you cannot choose another like you can your electric provider. For assistance finding a power company in the Houston area, call customer service at 877-509-8946.