Monthly Electricity Plans for Solar Panel Owners

Selling Electricity Back to the Texas Grid

One of the biggest benefits to owning solar panels in Texas is the ability to sell back excess power. Through net metering, surplus power can be transferred back the the grid, offsetting the cost of power drawn from the grid.

Solar system owners who live in areas of Texas that are energy deregulated, should choose a solar buyback plan and start earning money from unused electricity.

Home Solar Buyback Plan

Quick Electricity has joined forces with Rhythm Energy to reward our residential solar customers with bill credits in exchange for excess power.

Features of this new plan include:

  • a one-for-one buyback energy rate 
  • month-to-month credit rollover with no resets 
  • uncapped credits 
  • a fixed energy rate for one year 
  • 100% renewable content electricity 

Current Solar Buyback Electricity Rates

Advertised rates per kWh are for the Oncor service area. To view solar buyback rates in your Texas town, use our zip code search.

Texas Electricity Providers with Solar Buyback Plans

Solar Buyback Companies in Texas

Eight residential electric companies in Texas will buy your excess solar:

Electricity Provider

Solar Buyback Plan

Online Registration

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