Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID)

EISD Look Up in Texas

An Electric Service ID, more commonly called the ESI ID is the 17 digit number that Texas energy companies use to set up service at your home. Every address in Texas has a unique number, and you can find your ESI ID on your electric bill.  Need help locating your ESI ID? Call us: 877-509-8946

Top Up

An electricity top up is to adding money to your prepaid energy account.

Prepaid Energy

Woman is switching to prepaid electricityPrepaid, or pay as you go energy, works just like a prepaid cell phone or gas card. Texas customers can open a new account with a small amount of cash and refill as needed.

CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint LogoCenterPoint Energy is an electricity and natural gas utility servicing many deregulated energy markets in the United States. CenterPoint delivers power to the Houston, Texas area. 


Oncor Energy Efficiency Incentive Program TexasOncor is Texas’s largest Transmission and Delivery Utility which services over 10 million people in cities including Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco.

Transmission and Delivery Utility [TDU]

texas energy deregulation explainedAlso called the “Local Wires Company”,  The Transmission and Delivery Utility is in charge of maintaining the electrical poles, transformers and wires that deliver energy to our homes. They restore electricity service in your area after a power outage.

There are 5 Transmission and Delivery Utility companies that service the energy deregulated regions of the state; CenterPoint, Oncor, AEP North, AEP South and TNMP.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas [ERCOT]

ERCOT TexasThe Electric Reliability Council of Texas is a non-profit organization that oversees the Texas electricity grid.

Public Utilities Commission of Texas [PUC]

The Texas PUC LogoTexas PUC

The Public Utilities Commission of Texas regulates the energy companies in Texas. They also oversee water and telecommunication utilities. The Texas PUC also implements and enforces legislation while resolving customer complaints.

You can learn more about the Texas PUC on their official website

Texas Public Utilities Commission Complaints

You can file a formal complaint on the Texas PUC website.

Energy Broker

Energy Broker: An energy broker assists customers in buying electricity or natural gas from electricity retailers. Many electricity companies have broker affiliate programs with attractive incentives including residual pay.