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No Hassle, Fast Residential Power in Texas 

Get Same Day Lights with Quick Electricity

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What You’ll Need to Sign Up

To turn on your electric quickly, you’ll need an address, contact information and $40 payable by credit or cash. With Quick Electricity, you do not need to prove your identity. Just pay as you go! 

If you prefer traditional monthly billing over prepaid electricity, you’ll need good credit. Other Texas energy providers perform credit checks at registration. In this case, you’ll be asked to share your social security number or driver’s license. If you don’t meet credit requirements, you’ll be asked to pay a security deposit ranging from $150-250, depending on the size of your home. 

Texas Electricity Fees and Deposits 

With Quick Electricity, there is no fee required to turn on electricity. Simply pay $40 to set up utilities, then refill your account as needed. When you pay in advance for your electricity, you avoid hidden charges and deposits. 

Move In Today with Quick Electricity 

To set up same day electricity for your apartment, call Quick Electricity or order online now. Setting up utilities for an apartment takes about 5-10 minutes. After you’ve established your new account, it takes about an hour for us to turn on your lights on.

Same Day Prepaid Electricity for Renters

First apartment? We recommend prepaid lights for students, senior citizens, singles and roommates splitting the light bill in an apartment. When you pay-as-you-go, there is no credit needed, no deposit and no contract required to turn on your power today. 

Long Lease Electricity Plans 

Did you sign a long term lease? Take a look at our apartment energy plans. Current promotions include free energy at night and low fixed rates for up to 3 years. 

Transfer Your Existing Service 

If you are moving to a new apartment and need to transfer your electricity, contact your current service provider for assistance. If you don’t know who your electricity company is, call us. We’ll help you get the lights turned on as quickly as possible. 

Power Your Home, Same Day 

New place?  It’s a good idea to pick an electricity plan in advance, but with Quick Electricity, you can have power today if needed

Setting up electric utilities for a new home is simple. Here’s a few ways to get started: 

Today’s Electricity Rates 

There is no cost involved in getting electricity in Texas, unless you are asked to pay a security deposit. In most cases, you’ll be billed monthly unless you choose to prepay. Electricity rates vary from season to season, but many homeowners prefer fixed rate contracts in order to save money long term