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Our Mission is to help you find the best value energy plan for your lifestyle, and knowledge is a vital tool in that process.

Here’s the answers to the most commonly asked questions by Quick Electricity customers.

How do I sign up with Quick Electricity?

There are a few ways to sign up with Quick Electricity.

  1. Call to order “no deposit” electric service Monday through Saturday.
  2. Register for “no deposit” electricity online 24 hours a day. You’ll be first in line the next business day.
  3. Choose a 12 or 24 fixed rate electricity plan on our site and order in minutes.
  4. Select on of short term electricity deals such as month-to-month, and order in minutes.

Can I get electricity today?

Yes! Thanks to smart meter technology, most everyone can get same day power and normally within minutes of choosing an electric rate plan.

How long does it take to get your lights on?

Many times, people schedule their electricity connection in advanced due to moving. However, if you need electricity quick, try our “no credit check” light service.  Pay-as-you-go electric is the fastest way to get your power on because you’re not wasting your time with a credit verification and contract. Simply use a credit card to add only $29.00 to your new prepaid electricity account and refill as needed.

I am ready to switch. Do I need to notify my current provider?

When you’re ready to switch to Quick Electricity, you do not need to contact your current electric company. They are notified when a switch takes place and follow up with you by sending your final bill.

Who do I call if my power goes out?

There are many reasons why our power goes out from time to time. Common causes for power outages include:

  1. Rolling blackouts or efforts to conserve energy during extreme weather
  2. Storm damage including fallen trees and downed powerlines
  3. Forced disconnection due to non-payment or negative account balance

If you’re in good standing with your electric company and your lights go out, it’s likely a neighborhood thing. In this case, it’s best to be patient and try to get updates from news stations or social media. However, if you want to report the the outage, you need to contact your designated TDU, or Transmission and Delivery Company listed below:

  • AEP Texas Central (866) 223-8508
  • AEP Texas North (866) 223-8508
  • Centerpoint Energy (800) 332-7143
  • TNMP (888) 866-7456
  • Oncor (888) 313-4747

Not sure which utility company serves your area? Call us. We’re happy to help.

If your electric has been shut off by your provider, simply call and request a reconnection. You’ll have to pay a fee, or settle up on your account first.

What happens if my energy provider suddenly goes out of business?

Many Texans were left without power when Breeze Energy went out of business in 2018. This left many households in a bind, looking for a new energy provider.

If an electric company shuts down unexpectedly in Texas, the customers are put on a reserve plan with POLR, or Providers of Last Resort, so electric service is not interrupted.

The Texas PUC relies on three retail electric providers for the POLR program. They are TXU, Reliant and CPL. The POLR energy rate is much higher, so it’s important to find an electric plan as soon as possible.

What do I do if I can’t pay my electric bill?

If you can’t pay your electric bill, there are a few resources available in Texas including CEAP. Often times, your energy provider will assisist you during tough times by creating an individualized payment plan.

What is a switch hold?

A switch hold is placed on a residence that owes money to a Texas Retail Electricity Provider (REP, or electricity company) You must pay your electricity bill with your current REP before switching to another provider.

Texas Prepaid Electricity FAQs

Questions about prepaid electricity and how it works? Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about pay as you go lights.

Ready to try Quick Prepaid Electricity? Give us a call or sign up online anytime.

What is prepaid electricity?

Prepaid electricity works like any other pay-as-you-go product such as cell phones or gas cards. Simply add money to your account as needed. Daily text and email reminders help you to make sure your account balance stays positive.

Where is prepaid electricity available?

Currently, prepaid electricity is only available in Texas cities that are energy deregulated. Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Odessa, Waco and over four hundred additional cities have the power to choose their energy provider.

How do I switch to prepaid electricity?

It’s easy to switch to Quick Electricity. You can order prepaid electricity online or by calling us Monday through Friday.

What documentation do I need to get prepaid energy?

There is no credit check required for prepaid energy plans, therefore you do not need a driver’s licence or social security number to sign up. All you need is a name, address, phone number and $29.00.

What are the fees associated with prepaid electric?

People love our prepaid service because it’s simple and easy to understand. The only fee you’re required to pay is a daily account fee totaling .33 cents a day (subject to change). 

Is prepaid electricity more than normal electricity?

Prepaid electricity can cost slightly more than monthly or normal fixed electricity.  However, pay-as-you-go energy is perfect people that can’t afford a deposit or need the lights on fast.

Currently, Payless Power is offering to take 20% off your electricity cost when you keep your account balance over $35. This is a great way to get a cheaper rate. Sign Up for Payless Power online 24 hours a day.

What are my options if I get disconnected?

We understand that accidents happen. If you forget to make a payment and your power is shut off, we will not charge you a reconnection fee the first time it happens. Just give us a call at (877) 509-8946, make a payment of $29.00 or whatever you owe, and power will be restored.

I don’t want prepaid electricity. Do you offer plans with monthly bills?

Quick Electricity offers a variety of residential energy plans to suit the needs of every Texan. Our plans range from month-to-month billing to long term fixed energy deals.  Need assistance? Give us a call.

electric smart meterInformation on Smart Meters

Smart meters make prepaid electricity possible. Learn all about how they work below.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters, also known as advanced meters are electronic devices that measure electricity or natural gas usage. In the past, human meter readers set out monthly to check each meter and report to the electric company. With advanced meters, utility companies can obtain real-time reports in 15 minute intervals 24/7. This allows competing electricity and gas companies to adjust rates based on the time of day or changing seasons. Electric bills can be adjusted easily before they reach the customer and pay-as-you-go electricity is possible thanks to this new technology.

A smart meter is energy efficient, saving everyone money and cutting back on carbon emissions.

For more info check out our Smart Meter Video by Quick Electricity:


How do I know if my home is equipped with a smart meter?

In most of energy deregulated Texas, most meters installed or replaced after 2009 are smart meters. However, you can call (877) 509-8946 and we will be happy to let you know if your home is equipped with advanced meter technology.

I think my smart meter is broken or not working correctly. How can I get it checked?

Smart meters have proven to be very reliable and generally don’t make mistakes. However, if you feel like there’s something wrong with your meter or if it’s damaged in any way, call your local TDU, or Transmission and Distribution Utility Company.

How much does a smart meter cost?

Smart meters are paid for and installed by your local TDU. There is no cost to you.

How can I monitor my smart meter activity?

Smart meter usage can be monitored by you, the consumer. If you happen to have an in-home smart meter, you can easily check your usage at any time.  A great online tool for Texas consumers is www.smartmetertexas.com. Here you can register your smart meter and track your kilowatts used on a daily basis.  Many energy companies have online portals which makes it easy to track your spending, view your electric bill and make adjustment to plans. Some energy companies have developed smartphone apps making it even more convenient for customers to check their status, view electric bills and more. Rest assured, Texas is on the forefront of future energy related technology.

More Questions about Quick Electricity?

We’re happy to answer your questions. Just give us a call or shoot us an email. Thank you for your interest in Quick Electricity.

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