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AutoPay and Save 12: Current Prepaid Energy Rates in Texas 

Texas Electricity Service Areas Rate / kWh @2,000 
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Oncor: Dallas/Ft Worth, Tyler, Waco, Round Rock, Odessa 13.5¢ Sign Up
Centerpoint: Houston Area, Galveston, South Texas 14.2¢ Sign Up
AEP North: Abilene and West Texas Area 13.5¢ Sign Up
AEP Central: Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo Area 14.2¢ Sign Up
TNMP: Lewisville, Texas City 15.0¢ Sign Up

What is the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas?

Texas electricity is as unique as the people that live here. Unlike other states, over 85% of Texans have their choice in energy providers which has led to a marketing frenzy on the web, radio and television. The concept of prepaid electricity in Texas is simple; Pay as you go without a credit verification or contract.

However, prepaid electricity plans are often confusing and have us asking, “What is the cheapest prepaid electric in Texas?”.

In this article, we will take a close look at popular prepaid electricity plans in Texas using current Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) that we’ve taken straight from the web. The EFL, which is required by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, shows us the fine print we need to find the cheapest prepaid electricity rates in the state.

Prepaid Electricity Choices Compare Prepaid Electricity Plans in Texas 

Most prepaid electricity companies in Texas have various plans or free energy offers to choose from. Some offer free nights and free weekends, but reading the terms and conditions is important. Pre-payment plans may work in your favor if you take advantage of their billing procedure, but they can also lead to very high electricity bills if you are careless and don’t pay attention to your daily usage.

We’ve analyzed data from the Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) of 7 popular prepaid electricity plans. From the EFL, we gathered the Houston electric rate, CenterPoint charges, daily fees and promotional features to determine the best price for pay-as-you-go electricity in Texas.

  1. Free Nights by Acacia Energy 
  2. Smart Balance 30 by Now Power
  3. SmarTricity Premier 12 by Payless Power
  4. Power to Go Variable by First Choice Power
  5. Platinum Plan by Pronto Power 
  6. Free Nights by Hello Energy 
  7. Free Weekends by Snap Energy Latino

Texas Prepaid Electricity Plans and Rates Comparison Chart

Prepaid Electricity Company in Texas Featured Plan Avg ¢/kWh
at 1000 kWh
(based on EFL)
Avg ¢/kWh
at 2000 kWh
(based on EFL)
Actual ¢/kWh
Energy+TDU charges
(based on EFL)
The Fine Print 
Acacia Energy Free Nights 15¢ 14.7¢ 21.62¢ Charged 6:00 AM-8:59 PM, only TDU charges 9:00PM-5:59AM
Now Power Smart Balance 30 15.4¢ 15.1¢ 14.89¢ Reduced by 3 ¢/kWh for keeping balance above $30
Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12 14.5¢ 13.4¢ 12.30¢ Fixed rate 12 months, $2.67/day fixed charge (covers first 17 kWh)
First Choice Power Power-To-Go Variable 14¢ 13.3¢ 12.53¢ $0.33/day fixed charge
Pronto Power Platinum Plan 14.1¢ 13.5¢ 12.90¢ $0.39/day fixed charge, additional$0.50 for days below 26 kWh
Hello Energy Free Nights 12.5¢ 12.5¢ 19.00¢ Charged 6:00 AM-7:59 PM
Snap Energy Latino Free Weekends 15.2¢ 14.9¢ 20.06¢ Charged Mon 12:00 AM to Fri 7:59 PM, only TDU charge for weekend

Which Prepaid Electric Provider has the Cheapest Rate Including TDU Charges?

Looking back to our 7 EFLs, we’re able to determine an all-in rate for each plan which includes: the electric rate, or the price per kWh, and the standard Transmission and Delivery Utility (TDU) charges.

We quickly noticed that prepaid electricity plans with free energy are more expensive than basic, no-frills plans. Again, Payless Power has the most affordable electric rate compared to the other prepaid light companies in Texas.

Prepaid Electricity in Texas - Rate Comparison Chart

Payless Power offers the cheapest prepaid lights in TexasSwitch to Low-Cost Prepaid Electricity in Texas

For the lowest rate prepaid lights in Texas, choose SmarTricity Premier 12 Plan. In addition to a great price, your rate is locked in for 12 months. There’s no credit needed to switch to prepaid lights. The money you pay to activate your account goes towards your electricity, and there is no additional deposit required. Just pay as you go! 

The Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas is Payless Power

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